Sunday, September 28, 2008

10k day!

so today was my 10k (6.2 mi) race... let's just say, um glad it's over! started off going up hill immediately which i didn't expect (didn't bother reviewing the race route), then it was drizzling a bit, worst of all my ipod konked out so i was left to run majority of the way fighting thoughts of me wanting to walk & singing songs in my head (actually glad it happened b/c can't bring ipod to 10miler). smoe went to the run w/ me so he saw me off & was there to meet me afterward... no no not at the finish line... but in the car, sleeping :)

lessons learned: (1)train, train, train; (2) stretch, stretch, stretch; (3) don't go out before a race over 3.2 miles! def shoulda went to bed earlier, but glad i saw smoe's friends, then went to (stood outside) layla lounge & stopped by redhead's bday get together b/c ran into folks i haven't seen in a while. i absolutely adore my friends, they're always up to something fascinating. i.e. redhead's gonna have his name in lights 1 day :); my buddy pedro who works for an embassy in dc was in new york last week for un meetings. i was super jealous until he told me he spent majority of his time in his country's embassy up there, but did have a chance to hear his president speak... apparently some journalists stopped in the lobby & wanted to talk to the president & he replied, you're attractive, africans like attractive females so you should have no problems getting to him... but aparently she never got to speak w/ him.

anywho, the rest of my day flew by as i ran some errands & finally went home bc had a blazing headache.

later met up w/ the 1 & only shrinking violet (her blog). after i picked her up we deemed it "no rules, just right" sunday & were off! i wanted to stop by adams morgan to get something fatty & chocolatey but decided to go thrifting instead, on our way we saw commotion in an alley off of u street (per request we just had to look into the situation)- apparently there was a shooting :(

on our way to the thrift store that didn't exist we passed another 1 & decided to stop there... along the way we had one of our whenever-in town-deep-elitist-mature convos covering essential topics, such as: "why georgia ave looks shady"; "who says 'honky'"; "why 'black parties' run out of liquor, but 'white parties' don't"; "reasons why she shouldn't dress up like a black lady to fit into a halloween party", etc.

my headache from this am is finally gone... probably due in part to the chunky monkey oreo shake i had from silver diner 2 hours ago. goodnite & good luck...

songs o' the day:
romeo (Basement Jaxx) ... another great song is broken dreams (Basement Jaxx) thanks to 1 of my bro's i discovered how awesome this song was and still is years later!!