Tuesday, September 23, 2008

do guns kill people or people kill people??

very sad to hear about the shooting at the finnish school this am... apparently the 22-yr old made a you tube video last week saying "you die next". police took him in & interviewed him yesterday but let him go b/c they didn't have enough evidence to revoke his licence.

i'm already weary of people's bad intentions b/c of the bad stuff that's been going on in the dmv (dc, md, va for you slowskis), so this def doesn't quell those subtle paranoias! why can't folks "shoot" for A’s & B’s in school, instead of fellow students?… still have not come to a conclusion about the proverbial question, not the chicken and the road 1, no no not if the egg or the chicken came first, not if macgyver or chuch norris is better (though chuck norris is amazing, macgyver hands down)... but if people kill people or if guns kill people...

- 1.6m firearms in private hands
- Only the US and Yemen have higher civilian gun ownership
- All gun owners are required to have a licence
- Minimum age for buying a gun is 15
- About 14% of homicides in Finland are gun-related

this & full article can be seen here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7630969.stm

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