Thursday, February 26, 2009

morro de sao paulo

at an AMAZIIIIIIIIING inn in morro de sao paulo!! we took a ferry 2 hrs from salvador here... possible the most beautiful bungalow/inn i´ve stayed in. view is fantastic, everyone is nice, literally 4 min walk to beach (free continental breakfast= bread + cheese + watermelon for me)... we ate a restaurant yesterday (pimenta rosa bar e restaurante)! i was starving, but the food was just ok (actually not a huge fan of the food here, they´re very heavy on seafood & i´m not)...i´m the worst pescatarian ever! it´s apparently named after pink pepper which is rare i had it w/ chocolate cake, potent but ok.

didn´t go to sleep last night, we met a black guy from brooklyn who was uber happy to see other blacks!! he told us about his experiences on his island vs. his life in the us. he & his wife moved here from la & want it to make it a hot bed for talented black folks to come to (his dream is a la marcus g, black star line)! learned a lot about the racism & colorism here.

apparently majority of the folks that come to this low key place are israeli. he mentioned the ones he´s come across are very stuck up & europeans he´s met talk crap about blacks (lazy, always tear stuff up, the usu)...

in conclusion all is great & i must go shop now then do adventurous stuf...rock out w/ your cock out/no guts no glory/balls to the wal/woooooooooooohooooooooo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


blogging from a hot internet cafe in upper city salvador! feeling much better than i did waking up- had a dream about annual meeting & i wasn´t prepared for a board meeting?? literally woke up stressed out...

so far my observations have been: men=hot, women=hot (they have more butt than i thought they would, so naturally i´m passing bc of my dark skin & hair & ummmm `features`), weather= hot, exchange rate= not. everything is cheap & every1 loves obama... thankfully no crime & every1 in the group is alive & well!

right now watching blocos pass in the street! met some artists (VERRY COOL WORK)!! plus 1 of the guys looks like lil wayne but w/ shorter dreads... he has work in a very small gallery in la... think i´ll probably buy a vertical or horizontal piece before i leave. just bought some wrap around shorts (def haven´t work shorts in like 5 yrs) but its for our bloco tonite (when in rome..)

i want to adopt, no take a brazilian kid in my carry on luggage!!!!! they are ALL adorable :)

ok gotta go get back to vacationing & carnival. before i do, i shall use symbols which don´t appear on us keyborad:

Ç- ok can´t figure out how to get to the other accents, so i´m out!

Friday, February 20, 2009

week in review...

so i didn't have the best week ever, 1 day i'll make it on that vh1 show :) (but it could have been worse).

monday- totally awesome b/c ran a lot of errands & shopped for trip. smoe & i ate alligator later that evening (i didn't like it)... for vday we ate jelly fish (had no taste), frog legs (tasted kinda fishy), & fish maw soup (very good). we've obviously been watching too much bizarre foods w/ andrew zimmern

tuesday- found out my 33 (or 34) yr old cousin died of breast cancer. we knew she was sick & the cancer came back recently, but shocked my whole fam b/c she's a fighter & we were naive b/c she was young. she was like a sister to my bro's. plus it was scary for me as a young woman b/c i dont know as much as i should about boob cancer. i have an older family so all of the young folks are close. anywho my bro told me as i was on the way to work, so just kept going but took the 2nd half of the day off. went home to mourn & eat soup (really had a taste for egg drop)... when before i could get home to relax, the girl who usually does my hair calls me to ask relationship advice. after she tells me her issues, it sounds like the (older) guy is insecure and very possessive. i gave her my 2 cents, then received anther call from my roomie about more drama...needless to say didn't have a moment to contemplate & relax.

wednesday- went in to work & played catch up. went back & forth w/ our new spring intern on a few projects... somehow stayed until 8pm!

thursday- had an annual report meeting at work... went well, i like the direction we're moving in for this one (simple, clean black & white photos with some colored blocks). ended up staying until 8 again bc had to close down everything & draft up a super long to-do's list so the intern can be a busy bee while i'm out all next week.

meanwhile, smoe hasn't been happy for past few week(s) b/c he's sad i'm leaving + he doesn't think we spend enough time together (agree but we have conflicting schedules so what can we do) + he thinks i take him for granted sometimes (honestly, i may at times but it's moreso i'm not very expressive & i have a lot of other things/people's problems on my mind)= we had a long talk last nite, so hopefully he feels better about the situation.

now i'm (obviously) not at work, but i do leave for brazil today. just started washing clothes & now i guess i'll do the dreaded packing (can i hire someone to clean my room & pack- not necessarily at the same time). usually before i travel abroad, i see what's going on locally. today is no different so i did a quick search on brazil news, 1st story is about british tourists being robbed at a hostel... not awesome! they were in rio & we'll be in salvador, so i pray the carnival situation is less hot in salvador!

i just want to get away & go relax & worry about only me for a lil (at least for a week)... should be fun. this is totally like real world + road rules b/c i only know the other girl (other 3 travelers are guys). i've only dealt w/ 1, so other 2 are complete strangers (well, 1 wrote on my fbook page so he's 1 step up from a complete stranger)... still very exciting. wish we had confessionals so i can be super dramatic & take deep breaths while looking into the camera! i'll probably call a "house meeting" when we get there just for kicks :)

song o the day: good morning (kanye)

Monday, February 16, 2009

2 + 2=5

so smoe comes over last nite talking about he & his coworkers had a discussion about absolute truths... he apparently was the oddball out b/c he was saying 1 + 1 doesn't always =2, everyone was outraged! i asked if they were vulcans, and why they didn't see grey areas?!

his explanation was you can have 1 apple + 1 bag of apples = more than 2 i agreed. i woke up at 7am (too early for my day off) and realized it's a matter of semantics & specifics...b/c though smoe is right in his example, if they question was 1 item + 1 item = 2 then his angry mob of cohorts would be correct.

as i was searching around the web looking at pics of cool outfits (i know what i wanna wear for my bday but trying to imagine how all the pieces will comes together before i go shopping today) i got side tracked & started looking up music, then from a music blog i got to a video about the nazi's experiment 17, then i went to milgram's experiment, then standford prison, then asch conformity experiments, then 2+2=5 (communist's slogan) then i looked further down the wikipedia article & found an amazing quote from a Fyodor Dostoevsky book. his character proposes:

"it is the free will to choose or reject the logical as well as the illogical that makes mankind human. He adds: "I admit that two times two makes four is an excellent thing, but if we are to give everything its due, two times two makes five is sometimes a very charming thing too.""

i love when my randomness comes together :) ok back to looking at kelis, santogold & m.i.a. for fashion inspiration...

song o the day: in honor of the holiday, figured i'd have themed songs. though i heard this song faaaaaaaar too many times during inauguration weekend, in honor of president's day got to do it: my president's black (jeezy ft nas) remember presidents of the usa? if not, i'm sure you remember lump

Sunday, February 15, 2009

sloths....& giraffes!!!

so watching star trek & randomly thought of 1 of the best snl skits i've ever seen- outside of magruber. not a snl fan, but if they keep making great products like this i will be:

added bonus for me as sloths are 1 of my fav animals (so are turtles...maybe i like slow things). actually heard a funny joke last week during a conference workshop: what does a snail say on a turtle's back?? (give up)..."wheeeeeeeeeeeeee" :)

in the same vein as sloths, there's the great giraffe video too. enjoy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy vday!!

celebrated vday on fri 13th(smoe's at work all day/nite), so watching nba all star coverage instead of being at some candle lit restaurant... guess i should start getting dressed soon though bc about to go run a muck on u st...

in other news, my "brother" just left this song on my voicemail... & that's why i love him. the 80s rock so hard :)

song o the day: kajagoogo's "too shy"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My disappointments of the week…& bright sides


-- Australlian fires!…this is a huge bummer. Read somewhere folks were burned as they were in traffic trying to escape, some as they were on the phones w/ loved ones & all you could hear were their screams… reminiscent of Pompeii.

-- A-rod! Def not surprised, but sucks he can’t even be charged or receive any punishment. Apparently he donated 3.9 mill to the University of Miami to name the new baseball field after him… hopefully he’ll never be admitted into the hall of fame… o, wait another baseball guy lying to congress?? miguel tejada is guilty...

-- Chris breezy & rihanna! Are you serious guys?? Really?? I hope the charges aren’t true, if they are rihanna needs to leave & get help & chris brown needs to be jailed then get help. I cringe every time I listen to one of their songs now or see a happy-couple pic of them. Saddest part is, a radio station was talking about it Monday nite & some dc, md, va youngins were calling up to the station & saying it’s ok, maybe he just got made this once & totally excused his actions b/c of his status. NOT A GOOD THING LIL GIRLS (& GUYS)! NO ONE SHOULD EVER PUT THERE HANDS ON YOU, REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE! In other interesting news, apparently he did an interview w/ Giant mag in 07 where he said he had thoughts of killing his abusive stepfather after witnessing his mom getting beat up a lot.

-- Mike phelps! Okay this is gonna sound hypocritical (maybe I’m used to white celebreties getting away w/ a lot), but I think we need to give mike phelps a break…. Kellog pulled out completely, speedo is stickin to him like… well, like a speedo. Are there any other endorsements I’m missing? Apparently he already had a dui charge in his past (and kellog still endorsed him). He’s been suspended, what more needs to be done?? Maybe if/when I see the pic w/ my own eyes I’ll change my mind on this. Also, it could be that I’m slightly sexes b/c I’m in favor of anyone who’s body is as sleek as this ---->

-- Octuplet’s mom! No income + 14 kids + $50,000 in (alleged) student loans + on welfare b/c there’ll be an estimated millions of dollars in future medical bills= $300,000 in a today show interview. ‘nuff said. I’m speechless on this situation & want it to stop making news. this is my 1st (and last) time talkin about it

-- Good ole ward 8 council member marion barry… in addition to not filing/paying taxes (who does he think he is, an obama appointment?) now he needs a kidney transplant! Barry like a family member, who just can’t seem to get his crap together. You’ve given him more than enough chances and have made more than enough excuses for his improper behavior, but at the end of the day you can’t cut him off completely b/c he’s family… dc, it’s time to cut the chord. Ya gotta let this one go (sink or swim)!

Bright sides:
-- Apparently, the “Manhattan Madam" (Kristin Davis) wrote a tell all book! Good for her. For some reason this is more interesting to me than superhead’s (karrine steffans) tell-all book. Maybe b/c music is my boyfriend & it’s flaws are easily seen so i don’t really need/wanna all the rappers, entertainers (& athletes) she’s slept with. Kristin davis’ book is interesting b/c I like to see political, business titans fall, or at least

-- The g-r-a-m-m-y-s!! some of the performances were mediocre, but I love music so would have enjoyed watching it on mute! 1 of my fav performances of grammy history would def be swagger like us… gotta love m.i.a. for performing on her due date, in high tops & polka dots (real 80s)! and such a fine, diverse, big-egoed cast of rappers who came together on the song.

-- J simpson! (no homo) but I think she looks much better thicker than skinny minny. Then again, I’m a black woman & I’m not famous so my idea of a beautiful body type is a smidge different than Hollywood. though I’m a fan of her new look, i'm not a fan of her vocal break down on stage during the rascal flatts tour :) Keep going Jessica, don’t listen to them, you look great!

song o the day: kanye: i'm christoppher columbus y'all just the pilgrims"..."my swagger is mick jagger"; jay: "no 1 on the corner got a bop like this, can't wear skinny jeans b/c my knots don't fit"... "you can pay for school, but you can't buy class"; wayne: "i require what i desire, i got stripes adidas"... "what the f- you boys talkin bout, i know it's us 'cause we the only thing to talk about"; ti: surprisingly, ti's verse is the best b/c it's consistently good. no lines to highlight on that one, a thorough verse.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

grammy's & magruber/pepsuber

music's biggest nite?!!!!!!!!1 maybe, maybe not but i'm extremely hype about the grammy's. possible b/c my husband's (lil wayne) nominated for a record 8! landlord was just in the apt to fix our toilet, and told him i've gotta go b/c grammy's were about to come on & i had to see lil wayne. he sorta frowned & said he assumed i'd like someone more professional & went on to say he could see me liking talib kweli, mos def, common. i told him just b/c i have natural hair doesn't mean i like neo soul dudes... am i too old to have good girl/bad guy attraction syndrome?!

in other news, don't drink soda, but these are by far my fav commercials b/c my husband #2 (esteemed actor richard dean anderson) is in them!

what happened to girl power??

where are the spice girls when you need them??... oh yeah they broke up...

well, why are hollywood women so feisty these days? hillary duff vs. faye dunaway:
apparently faye was like "couldn't they at least cast a real actress?" when she heard hillary was casted in a bonnie & clyde remake. hillary completely disrespects her elders by saying "I think that my fans that are going to go see the movie don't even know who she is"... then she hits back w/ the low blow of: "I think it was a little unnecessary, but I might be mad if I looked like that now, too."

in musical news, i dunno if etta james is bipolar or just getting senile, but apparently she applauded beyonce's acting performance in cadillac records, yet kirked out on her after she sang at last for the president! here's her audio from some concert she was doing where she said beyonce's gonna get her "ass whopped", even worst the crowd went wild after she said it:

song o the day: wannabe (spice girls), like most girls i used to love this song & them, forgot who my fav 1 was though

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the day the music died...

today marks the day of buddy holly's untimely death in a plan crash. don't know much about him & there's supposed to be a movie coming out today about him but i haven't been able to find a lot of detail on that (i also haven't looked that hard for it)...

i loooooooooooooove his glasses, so think i know what i wanna be for halloween this year! apparently, he's 1 of the 1st white performers to play at the apollo.

peggy sue (buddy holly & the crickets) drumming is good, sounds like it's from a beach boy song. side note: why are there always racist, derogatory comments on youtube??

1 of my fav songs & 1 of my 1st introduction to buddy holly: buddy holly (weezer). (i love the fonz dancing in this). what happened to spike jonze??

tax, smax & mr president's picks

3rd times the charm! apparently nancy killefer, obama's pick for chief performance officer for the federal gov, has tax issues as well...

she failed for a year & a half to pay employment taxes on household help. an ap article goes on to say "in 2005 the DC government had filed a $946.69 tax lien on her home for failure to pay unemployment compensation tax on household help"! funny b/c yesterday i changed my book of face (facebook to the rest) status to say how funny i thought the quote from senior republican was: "Listen, no wonder that Democrats don't mind raising people's taxes, b/c they don't end up paying them themselves."

song o the day: what i would tell obama's background checkin team- relax max (dinah washington) & take your time, no skimming embarrassing details... this song is totally awesome! 1st heard it on a doubletree commercial & i couldn't rest until i figured out who it was. then it just so happened there was a documentary on bbc about her i found a few months lata.

Monday, February 2, 2009

go steelers & other stuff

b/c my steelers won last nite i'm getting $10 & a chocolate cake!!!! told my friend NOT to make it hisself b/c i don't trust his cooking :)

just read my 'brother's" blog & felt compelled to post... i won't accept your challenge to blog daily (too busy, plus twitter is where my 10min- hourly updates are), but i will steal the pics you just put up on yours:

2 words: old school! oh, the (real) hu days

my "brother" & a young (maybe tipsy) me!

& tell folks they should check your blog out here:!

song o the day : girls!(beastie boys) i know i'm a girl & prob shouldn't like this song as much as i do, but think it's really cute & i like screaming the hook. when i found this video i thought it was cute & after reading the description of why this video was made, i like it even more! i love the youngins & their school projects!...

i wish i was in a film class. i'd have a movie full of sound/music, really spike lee-ish but less jazzy and more hip hop & house & punk. the color would be amazing too, real hype williams in belly-ish...hmmmmm i wanna make a movie now, but don't have time or energy to edit it so prob won't. guess i'll just make a flip book w/ post its when i get home :)