Monday, September 29, 2008

sad, but true

as a woman looking forward to adopting a son (I call him "carmicheal" for now), i find it very very disheartening when i hear about neglect & abuse of kids. a story out of lusby, md has particularly blown me away. apparently, some loser adopts 3 girls. two of the girls have been dead & in her freezer since february! this went unnoticed, except when the surviving 7 year old jumped out of the window of the room she was locked in (def don't blame her)... apparently she "appeared to be extremely abused & neglected". (click here for full story)

quite horrific i know, so naturally you think where does responsibility lie?? schools to check in? where they even enrolled in school? couldn't the "mom" just say she transferred them out? neighbors/neighbors kids?? the "mom"'s friends/family?? did the girls slip through "the system", another blow for the D.C. Child & Family Services as they are still rebounding from the case of 4 dead girls in southeast earlier this year (from the lil bit i know about the agency, their budget is tight & the folks have like 1,000 cases each)!

too many questions not enough answers! all i know is i'm tired of seeing children suffer b/c adults can't get their crap together. not sure if the problem in dc is funds, resources, regulation, etc but come fenty let's get it together & ind the root (i know it's easier said than done, so i apologize for my over simplification)...

on another note, forgot to post this on friday. a story by kathleen parker, a "conservative columnists" suggesting palin step down, as she is "out of her league" .... your thoughts?

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