Friday, September 26, 2008

personal life vs professional life

as more and more social networking sites pop up it's important to know what you're putting out there! i think i'm fairly connected w/ folks via my book of face (facebook to most); linked in; twitter; now this blog. i'm also mindful of the content i send out on all of my social networking sites... i.e. after becoming "friends" with an intern at my organization i def had to go unto the book of face and take down some party pics a friend added!

i'm a fan of transparency and letting it all hang out, but there's my personal life & my work. as a generation Y-er i know the difference, so one would assume that older individuals would as well. unfortunately, that's not always the case.... i was slightly annoyed after reading Twitter, Facebook and Charitable Campaigning. not with the author, as i thought it was a well-written piece (unfortunate that it had to be written though). i was annoyed w/ silly people.

In it, he explains:

Section 501(c)(3) prohibits charities from intervening in political campaigns, either for or against a candidate. The prohibition is absolute; if the IRS so decides it's one strike and yer out. Yet if you pay careful attention to charitable Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, message boards and other social media, you can find any number of accounts associated with 501(c)(3) managers also being used to tout Obama, slam Palin, raise funds for a political party and so forth.

i'm a fan of freedom of speech; i understand this current election is emotional, and too close for comfort for some so it's natural to have pride in your candidate. as a person who works for, volunteers with (several), donates to nonprofit organizations i'm amazed that some would walk so close to the line w/o making clear distinctions of personal thought & thoughts on behalf of their organization. use your organization/work voice to talk about your mission, cause, send messages; use your personal/individual voice to give social commentary.

i encourage those interested to check out the article.

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