Saturday, December 27, 2008

2 words: deep dish

holidays? smolidays! not really in christmas spirit, but i'm very happy as i've been (actually) relaxing these past few days!

however now i'm a bit irritable b/c after seeing adam richman do a challenge in chicago & watching the ever so luscious deep dish pizza i wanted some...with anchovies & extra cheese. But curses, my plans to attain this tasty treat have failed!

why does domino's, pizza hut & uno close sooooo early??? guess i'll just slepp it off :(

in other news just finished the super entertaining squee's wonderful big giant book of unspeakable horrors (by jhonen vasquez) per smoe's insistence...onto second book now: american lion. next must read outliers per smoe's folks christmas gift for us...

Monday, December 15, 2008

duuuuuuuuck!....flying shoes at bush

wow! just saw the tape of an iraqi tv reporter throwing his shoes (size 10) at bush during a farewell news conference! the outgoing pres has pretty good reflexes, but why didn't he just duck when he saw the man stand up w/ something in his hand?? what about after the 1st shoe was thrown and the guy went for his other one??

he screams "this is a farewell kiss you dawg" before throwing the pair... why shoes? b/c apparently the sole of the shoe is considered an insult in arab culture.

please note pm al maliki offers his right hand to block the 2nd shoe...a brave brave man! :)

the video: when the shoes hit the fan

song o the day: still will (50 feat akon) ... heard this song over the weekend & its in my head now.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

go red knight!!!!

medieval times was amaaaaaazing last nite. me likey the blue knight. though we sat in the red knight section (aka. dolly parton's "jolene") and he lost, it was still worth a visit.... UNLESS you don't eat meat! the vegetarian menu is garbage, so i recommend you eat before.

before dinner we went to warner theater to see the nutcracker. i'm no ballet aficionado but the performance was ok... probably bc it was put on by young adults. but the little kids were adorable.

ended the nite by surprising smoe with a pre-birthday get together with his friends at a very unlikely place (hee hee)...

just mistakenly found this video featuring clipart & its very amusing. reminds me of the days my brother & i used to make flip books: check it out here (only a minute)

lastly, very pleased with myself for doing well in the jingle all the way 10k, it started off very rough, but had a strong finish. plus, there were a lot of fun folks, elves & santas out this am to help me keep my mind off of the cold.

song o the day: jolene (dolly) ... think her slow soulful songs are better than her faster-folksy ones. another good version of this song is (surprisingly) by the white stripes

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i'm baaaaaaaaaack...

it's been a long time, shouldnt've left you...

so i'm finally back on track & back to blogging about randomness. life's been good: working very hard, just got back from ft lauderdale (glad to have a job after the staggering unemployment rates); smoe is still dating me (poor boy doesn't know what he's in for); friends & fam bam are all well.

excited b/c i have a busy day before me: going to see the nutcracker at the warner theater, then off to medieval times (vegetarian menu for me, no huge turkey legs)

song o the day: it's been a long time (rakim)... a great song. my eldest brother would be proud of this pick.