Wednesday, September 17, 2008

this week's headlines...

I’m saying farewell to the Beijing Paralympics & hello to foreign aid to Haiti?...we’ll see about the latter. So I’ve been weeding through headlines from this week (I’m a headline gal, if one catches my eye I’ll actually read the full story, other than that don't aske me for detail) and found the following worth sharing…

I had the pleasure to waking up to news of the US embassy attack in Yemen ; also it looked shaky for a while, but apparently AIG was rescued by the US Federal Reserve.

Apparently the new number of ill babies is over 6,200 (3 dead) due to contaminated powder in Chinese baby milk (click here for story). Can't think about this as I'm still trying to get to the bottom of if Pakistan’s shooting at US forces or not.

Moving to another part of the world, do you think the rejection of US envoys in South America (Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras) and snuff from Nicaragua will really change with a new administration?? How about the agreement in Zimbabwe? Is there staying power?? Speaking of governments, what’s going on in Ukraine?

Lastly, I’m guilty of texting & walking (almost got ran over a few times), texting & driving (my brother taught me how to drive with my knees so It’s ok), but texting & driving a train is clearly taking it too far. My heart goes out to all of the friends and family of the LA commuter train crash (read more about crash).

Ok, enough of that on to the real news:

So did McCain reeeeeeeally invent the Blueberry (a.k.a Blackberry to most)??

Why oh why is Jennifer Hudson marrying “Punk” from I Love New York2?

Late afterthought: why didn’t PETA say anything about “lipstick on a pig” comment? I know it’s a political expression, but I think PETA people are always looking for a fight, so I could see an anti-animal testing ad campaign w/ makeup and perfumes on different animals… if you’re a PETA person and not hotheaded my apologies for the gross stereotype!

Why oh why is OJ on trial again, and how did the court possibly pick jurors who weren’t biased at all?

Lastly, interesting article I came across this am on bbc (1 of my homepages)…what kind of drinker are you? Apparently, there are 9 types: depressed drinker; de-stress drinker;
re-bonding drinker; conformist drinker; community drinker; boredom drinker; macho drinker; hedonistic drinker & border dependents. Interesting article, check it out.

Ok, think i've dumped enough info for today...ok ok i'm sure i'll be back in some hours...

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