Saturday, January 31, 2009

the great office war!

hillarious!!! wouldn't it be grrrrrreat if ALL offices were like this??

look out for the dry erase board that reads "can't spell b--ch w/o IT"...haha!

The Great Office War from Runawaybox on Vimeo.

my valentine's day gift & predictability

so this year for v day i don't wanna do any of the traditional lovey dovey things & i don't want an average gift. in fact i know exactly what i want waiting for me the morning of feb 14th:
the batter blaster! after watching that video, how can you not want one? waffles?!!!!

in other news, is it just me or was mike steele being picked as chair of RNC a bit predictable?? or is it predictable of me to assume that every black man/woman getting ahead in 2009 is a direct result of the obama effect*?? naaaah, i think the RNC has a huuuuuuge pr & morale issue so by making history and electing the 1st black man as head it shows, "see we are inclusive"; "barack the magic negro, a thing of the past no worries now"; "the star spanglish banner was a lil latino humor, we looooove immigrants"... i swear if mike steele gives that line of how the republican party freed slaves and gave blacks their civil rights i'll throw up & write him a letter (after cleaning up my waste). ok maybe i'm beeing too hard on mr steele & RNC. i guess if mike tyson endorsed you in the past you've gotta be a dynamic man, right?

*can i coin this term, has it already been used?

song o the day: in these "tough economic times" i wanted to honor the gap between the haves & the have nots i have 2 songs. same title, both great songs. (1) money by the beatles & (2) money by pink floyd

Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you a cyberchondriac??

cyberchondria: no clear definition. ranges from "the deluded belief you suffer from all the diseases featured on the internet" to "internet print out syndrome" to "a group of hypochondriacs who have a strong, obsessive compulsive focus to their symptoms"!

i can't be the only 1 guilty of cyberchondria...right? oh, come on haven't we all thought we had symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme disease, or even an ulcer at some point and after doing a quick internet search confirmed that we did... only to forget about it later??? just me? ok whatever :)

for more info on this check out how Microsoft Examines the Causes of Cyberchondria

Thursday, January 29, 2009

guy who threw shoe at bush gets a statue?!

yes, it's true! (see title for question)

apparently the iraqi journalist who threw a shoe at bush had a statue errected in his honor! a "sofa-sized statue of the shoe" now sits (or would "stand" be more appropriate) in Tikrit.

song o the day: in honor of this event, my mind naturally went to the apropos outkast song bombs over baghdad/bob though 9 years old, this song still rocks.


ok, so today was my work 1st, leisurely use of internet 2nd day! i was trying that work procedure where you knock out the important things in the am, check email every 30min thing.

even left a message on my 1q1b twitter account saying:
"good morning all! i'm trying that thing where i knock out all of my important work in the am (instead of after 5 like i usually do), so i'll check back w/ you all in 2-3 hours... after that i'll be ready for a twitter/daily beast/bbc news break :) have a productive day!"

so i was actually going to do it, i was going to be uber productive, right? WRONG. cc sent me the following message from her twitter:
"On this day in 1978 Sweden banned aerosol cans. No more Reddi-Whip! "

so naturally i had to click on the link & see who these randoms were (darn you twitter). i'm hooked! any amazing blog about food/snack facts (officially called Foodimentary ~ Facts & Fun: The World of Culinary Facts, Trivia & Fun Finds).

me likey! ok, back to work now :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

worst ad hair?!

thanks to this lovely photo (courtesy of lincoln technical institute), i now have some fodder for my afternoon sarcasm...

1- his baby hair makes me chuckle!
2- his baby hair makes me want to ask him to put a hair net on before cooking!
3- i hope this food wasn't just prepared b/c he's holding it w/ his bare hand. obviously lincoln tech students keep it real & don't use pot holders, survival of the fittest chump! can't stand the heat, get outta lincoln tech's kitchen!
4- i'm a huuuuuge fan of ellipsis dots, so would actually prefer if the tag line read "Your future dot dot dot Now!"
5- is the dripping caramel in top right hand corner supposed to be sexy?
6- o, i get it culinary school= desserts= caramel sauce is being made somewhere in the halls of lincoln tech??
7- faintly in the distant image of this ad you'll notice an unattended pan on the stove w/ a cloth on its handle. now i'm no chef boyardee, but i'm prettay prettay sure that's a fire hazard, no?
8- logo sort of creeps me out b/c it's like an amputee super happy about cooking and showing off what he just cooked
9- with all this said, great job lincoln tech! another awesome ad :)

*the end*

8 kids & krazee eyez killa

think my 3 older, bugger- eating, monsters for brothers are enough for me. couldn't imagine having 7 siblings!!! well say hello to octuplets born yesterday in cali...

in other cali news i was disgusted this am when i heard the story of the murder suicide in which took the lives of 5 young kids, mom & (krazee eyes killa) dad. another piece of the story which i found equally appalling is as follows:

'The administrator, it said, had asked them on an unspecified day why they had come to work, and then added, “You should have blown your brains out.”'

what's the world coming to?? killing a child so they don't have to bear hardship is very reminiscent of beloved (that oprah is so talented)!

song o the day: not really a song, but a clip of 1 of my fav shows (curb) & the amazing character of krazee eyez killa :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

red heads...

i've always said if i was white i'd be a redhead. not sure why, but it just seems right :) so i was thrilled to hear (literally b/c i was listening to talk radio) about an exhibit dedicated to "gingerism". it's called root ginger: a study of red hair by jenny's in london so i won't be
going, but seems really cool! (pic courtesy of Lucie Wicks, © Jenny Wicks, Root Ginger at Idea Generation Gallery)

as a black woman, i truly value my natural hair (though i dislike having to do it) as it makes me feel connected to my ancestors. i made the choice a few years ago when i decided i’d rather leave it alone than to manipulate its state through perming, coloring, etc. whether it’s in braids or an afro it’s like a badge of honor when I wear it in different styles that other hair textures could not pull off. i wonder if red heads feel this sort pride in their hair... i doubt. though gingerism isn't as bad as it use to be decades, centuries ago, still think its a little odd for some to see a red head. me? no, i loooove red heads, think there should be more! here's an old article from bbc .

so again won't be going to london to see wick's exhibit open next month & it turns out i'm also not going to peru. peru? yes yes random i know, but a friend told me about a $400 roundtrip special to peru so we were gonna do it b/c .well, it's cheap! i was gun ho until yesterday when i was laying around watching the news & saw ALL of the layoffs happening... then i felt guilty for traveling around while families/individuals were struggling in these "hard economic times". so i made the (responsible?) choice, went w/ my gut & decided not to go. i'm not hurt b/c peru wasn't on my list of places to go (though it does seem like an interesting place & now it is on my list), plus i'll be in south america next month so no biggie! plus my savings account thanks me :)

in honor of some 60,000 jobs being cut across the U.S. i offer my prayers & some inspiration from the Evans family...

song o the day: good times intro. don't like what the video is called in you tube (partially b/c i don't like the word "ghetto" & partially bc it seems unecessary), but still a great song & a darn good show. i used to wanna be thelma or willona, not so much florida (but esther rolle is awesome). exhibit a of how awesome she is: damn daaaamn daaaaaaamn. oh the drama, i felt that, did you? you could cut the tension w/ a knife :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

the cutest thing ever

so smoe & i were googling "cutest things ever" (b/c we're so cool) & this was hillarious...

photo courtesy of the good folks at best friends network

Friday, January 23, 2009

selling your virginity

the daily beast is 1 of my 4 homepages that pops up at work... when i saw an article titled why i'm selling my virginity as a top story i thought how silly... after i read it i was puzzled as to why (and who considered) this news worthy!

feel free to read for your self... and the comments, some are hilarious.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


though it really doesn't have anything to do w/ my rant here, per my title, thought it'd be appropriate to add a pic of wayne (aka the love of my life)....

soooooooo i was literally drained from my am metro ride by the time i got to work. ( which is a shame b/c i actually woke up early to exercise so was perky when i left home). between off loaded trains & typical commuter attitudes & pushy people i've realized i need a door at work, so i can close, center myself & go to my happy place :)

also, as i was standing crunched between people i noticed the first row & a half was completed filled w/ dudes. which made me think about how folks complain boys are disrespectful and aren't gentlemen anymore... when i see men (of all races & ages) sitting down as an old lady stands, or pushing someone out of the way i wonder can we really blame our boys??

this brings me to my yesterday am metro ride, which also left me annoyed. 2 high school girls were on my train talking about last week in school & their weekend. apparently 1 of the girls sent some guy a message on myspace talking about how great he played (though the school's basketball team still lost), and how they didn't think some girls went to the school but they saw her in the halls one day & realized she did, etc. mind you they were sort of loud & did use some blasphemy (but nothing too over the top). when they got off the 2 ladies next to them shook their heads & scoffed, the guy next to me said "it's just too early for that". this gave 1 of the ladies fuel as she proceeded to talk about how "that was nothin, you should see how they are when they get off of school. they're like a wild pack and you never know if a fight is going to break out or what"!

this is very very very annoying to me b/c ageism isn't really discussed in terms of older people pigeon holding younger folks (especially adolescents). of course they have energy b/c they're young & just got out of school! if they didn't have energy parents would be trying to find out what wrong w/ them & taking them to behavioral doctors & prescribing medicine...and if they have "too much energy", well we all know what they get labeled as...

older adults always talk about respect this, respect that but they fail to give respect to kids (so why are they surprised when kids are disrespectful?) ok, maybe it's b/c i'm from a different generation so i take people as they are, no preconceived notions of how i think a certain group should act. or maybe it's because i volunteer w/ 2 different young adult groups so i recognize that kids have more than 1 dimension. either way it's still annoying to watch people tag our youth, but most importantly just shake their head & not do anything about it. what's the point of complaining about something if you're not going to do anything about it to improve the problem?me & holden caulfield can't be the only ones saving the babies (sorry corny catcher in the rye joke).

next time this happens (as i'm 500% sure it will), i'll probably have more energy & i will certainly have more energy & will definitely ask why so bitter towards youth...actually can't wait to ask that to someone & challenge every point they make. just have to try to do it w/o changing the tone of my voice so the person won't think i'm being disrespectful- though i'm not ashamed to say i am disrespectful at time :)

song o the day: an awesome arabic song ...this song rocks, but i have no idea what it's aboot. usually don't like guys w/ long hair but the video guy is cute.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

playboy's sex list & my shame

so i just finished read the daily beast's biggest names in sex article & i feel ashamed.

no, no not to read about who playboy thinks some of "the most important people in sex from the past 55 years" are... but that it took me more than half an hour to read the super short article!! this is due to the fact that i looked up the names mentioned in the 1st two pages i didn't recognized. as is normal w/ google & wikipedia i ended up going on tangents (ended up on a page about the rorschach test at 1 point)... if i would've know all of the names were linkable from the 3rd page, i would have waited.

here's the list for you lazies (please note, though it's playboy hef isn't 1st. also, no blacks on this list, we just don't do it for playboy):

1 Alfred Kinsey 2 Dr. John Rock 3 Hugh Hefner 4 Alex Comfort 5 Marilyn Monroe 6 Monica Lewinsky 7 The Rolling Stones 8 Timothy Berners-Lee 9 Peter Dunn and Albert Wood 10 Madonna 11 Helen Gurley Brown 12 Charles Ginsburg 13 Ruth Westheimer 14 Elvis Presley 15 Masters and Johnson 16 Howard Stern 17 Ed Meese 18 Brigitte Bardot 19 Estelle Griswold 20 Bo Derek 21 Catharine MacKinnon 22 Vladimir Nabokov 23 Anita Bryant 24 Farrah Fawcett 25 Erica Jong 26 Barney Rosset 27 Germaine Greer 28 Christine Jorgensen 29 Pamela Anderson 30 Frank Sinatra 31 Nancy Friday 32 Jenna Jameson 33 William O. Douglas 34 Philip Roth 35 Charles Keating Jr. 36 Candace Bushnell 37 Dr. Mary Calderone 38 Beverly Whipple 39 Alberto Vargas 40 Potter Stewart 41 Linda Lovelace 42 Mike Nichols 43 Betty Dodson 44 Dr. David Reuben 45 Ian Fleming 46 Lenny Bruce 47 Gloria Steinem 48 Robert Mapplethorpe 49 Danni Ashe 50 J. Edgar Hoover 51 Gay Talese 52 Rock Hudson 53 Bernardo Bertolucci 54 Dell Williams 55 Rudi Gernreich

song o the day: turning me on (keri hilson) ... cool video & the song's not bad... plus the love of my life raps in it :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

google's carbon footprint

it's been quite a monday thus far... left wallet at home & was stranded at metro for about half an hour. smoe rescued me, got my wallet & went on my way to work! in other news 1 of our toilets is broken, so trying to get to the bottom of that without having my landlord pay $300 (what the condo maintenance folks quoted us)...

in other news, i'm def no environmentalist, but thought this article was interesting: "carbon cost" of google revealed

funny because i was actually on twitter (1 of my fav places on the internet) looking for a way to get in touch with technical support at google ad words & came across the article... a productive tangent!

song o the day: ain't nothin goin on but the rent (gwen guthrie)... thought about this song this am when smoe & i were talking about sugar mamas & daddys

Sunday, January 11, 2009

YOU & I-List!

so think its a fact that craigslist has become that place for online classifieds...pretty good for job postings too (i actually only use it when i post an ad for my organization's internship position). well apparently there's a new kid on the block called iList.

the first thing i notice about the site is that it doesn't look as industrial as craigslist. there's actually color, pics & a cleaner look. i had trouble with my first search (of course it was macgyver). next i just decided to browse listings. under jobs, i naturally clicked on "nonprofits", but no listings in dc :( a little odd yep, but i figured its new so not many folks know/use it yet. next i clicked on a blue topic & had more luck. haven't figured out why some listings are in blue and why some are gray, but too lazy to look around the site and see if they explain it.

i'm actually looking for TOMS shoes right now, specifically a special pair designed for '08 elections (not pictured, but i want the mix-matched dem & republican shoe)
i was searching online last week & these shoes are (understandably) sorta hard to find. thought i'd give it a try and see if someone put them on iList. clicked on clothing-shoes & there were only 2 pairs of jordans for sale. wasn't really disappointed b/c again hard to find, but i was actually impressed. no, not by the jordans for sale but by the fact that there was actually a username and a lil pic of the person selling the shoes. apparently, everyone in iList has to be linked to a social network for authenticity. This is cool bc though they're still strangers to me at least i feel a lil connected, plus you can send them a message directly to whatever social networks they're signed into. plus i can see from the lil pic i see that 1 of the guys is kinda cute :)

random, but this makes me think of a shady story a really good friend of mine told me. he was looking for a job a few months ago and came across an ad for a security guard on craigslist. He sends in his info via email and gets a call back from the guy who put up the ad. the conversation starts off like normal for a few minutes then he asked my friend if he's african (b/c of the name on the resume). my friend is in fact from nigeria, so the guy (who's also from africa) says oh, ok i'm going to be honest w/ you this is actually a scam, and proceeds to tell him about his intentions! very sad, but very very very very very true (didn't believe him at 1st so made him swear several times)... i told my friend he should've reported the guy/job post but my buddy wanted NOTHING to do w/ that whole situation. not sure if the ad is still up, or which country the next person who inquired about the job was from.

i'm interested to see where iList goes next & how popular it gets. next fall when i post an internship on craigslist & idealist, may post it to there too. for more info on the new kid on the block, check out this article about changing online culture.

ok no more blogging off to get long john silver!!! haven't had it in like a year & i have a hankering for fried clams...

song o the day: So happy together (the turtles)...awesome song, awesome band name! What happened to the good old fashioned bands w/ just 1 name??