Monday, September 29, 2008

Banned Books Week 2008 (Sept 27-Oct 4)

so want to go to lunch, but can't leave my desk until 2 (i always listen to bbc's world have your say at 1). they're talking about a super controversial book called the jewel of medina. apparently it's a fake account about Muhammad's child bride. random house was supposed to to publish it, but canceled due to warnings that it would provoke terrorist actions from "radical muslims". gibson square agreed to publish next month, yet the publisher's home was targeted in a firebomb attack on Saturday. w/ all this hoopla i kind of want to read it now (depending on how many pages though)...

i do want to read 1 on the books off of the list of top 10 banned books in '07 though.

are there really certain issues we should never tackle in print? religion? racism? sexuality? sould books be rated? if yes, how/who regulates books? people are silly & are always going to have a problem w/ something. i've wanted to buy my niece the and tango makes three book for a minute, but not sure if my brother think she may be too young (she's 5 or 6?). in addition to exposing kids to homosexuality, it's dope bc it's based on a true story! think i may just buy it for her for christmas & see what happens :)

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