Saturday, October 30, 2010

Belgian waffle ftw

Thank you washington square diner :)

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Worst bathroom ever?!

A toilet should NEVER look like this...don't care if it is huhc!
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Breaking rules again by eating at my desk... Behold, the breakfast of champions!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

me vs. ikea

i've NEVER set up ANYTHING from ikea... i now see why :)

though it took 2 days & frustration i have a very minute sense of accomplishment. even had a bit of energy left to start drawing on it. BUT next time i will certainly call someone and watch them put it i've successfully done in the past!

Monday, October 25, 2010

classic: hu homecoming

via some rando on twitter... LOVE THIS.... LOVE HOWARD:

Bobbi brown is sick :(

Bobbi's going to the doctor... Was drivin it on friday & heard a pop! Turns out 1) I had like NO oil 2) my radiator system has a gash in it= some leakage & heat all of a sudden not working.

Thankfully lee's is a solid auto shopso confident about whatever they tell me needs to be done.

In other news, looooooove my tow truck driver. We just had a deep convo where he pretty much told me his life story. Glad he pulled hisself up after he got outta jail/ after his parents died & aunts/uncles cheated him & his siblings outta millions (owned property by love)
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

fam feud 2010

1- WHEN did steve harvey start hosting family feud??

2- DOES steve run or does contestant push him??

3- WHY is this so funny to me??


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Loooooong saturday

Day started off well enough. Woke up early & did some small tasks.

Went to volunteer & took kids to science day. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but only 1 kid wanted to stay. (Kept forgetting to take pics so none on the mall)

BUT did take pics of randos on the mall as I waited for a girl's mom... uranus still makes me chuckle
horseys crap soooooo much

Finally met up w/ fam bam which was cool but by that time my headache was quite immense & had an attitude. (Sidenote: wanna know how to get people talking on twitter?? Ask which headache medicine is the best! So many @ replies it was crazy)

Last but not least, there was a snapping sound in my car then 15/20mins later it konked out just as I pulled into the apt's parking lot (god does answer prayers bc that would've sucked if it konked out on highway). Later on got security gaurd (yuseff) to help me push it. He told me to crank it back up & put on neutral so we could push. When I cranked it up none of the service lights were on, no smoke coming out the hood, it ran smoothly so I neatly parked it. It was like the whooooole weird ordeal didn't happen!

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i like the word advert

see title... #thatisall

russia's millionaire fair

partially sickening that such random acts of luxury still exist w/ so many have nots around...on the other hand i've never been a millionaire (& prob never will be) sooooo this is useless news to me. but thought i'd share the bbc video clip about it anyway


coloring a page of my spongebob coloring book for a friend... looking for the proper color for one character so did a google image search for "captain spongebob's jellyfish jam band"....

somehow this pic came up & i loove it.... i want to re-do this image one day. like seriously! i need a guy & girl volunteer, thanks

via cyrus...who else? pt 2

cute x weird x bet the pudding isn't even THAT great

Friday, October 22, 2010

via cyrus...who else?

"good police work"

Always see THE weirdest plates

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funny x ignorant

my friends post stuff like this on my facebook about you??


processes are put in place to cover up organizational inadequacies and inefficiencies..... (via my pal @marcdayell)

i heart wayne

it's a crazy world, so i stay in mine


"i'm against optimism if it's not rooted in reality" (via nj preacher on cnn's "black debt" special last nite)

Just wanted to see what this'll look like

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This is what life's about. Walking downstairs to say my routine 'bye have a good weekend' to security front desk guy... But NOT today. No I was stopeed bc THIS caught my eye. THIS is so awesome bc I haven't seen an old school thermos in a while (actually last week I saw a gi joe 1 when I was volunteering at a flea market to raise $$ for 1 of my nonprofits).

Besides it being an old school thermos, it's a Dinosaur thermos! That's such a random show in time... It may as well have been bobby's world or chip n dale rescue rangers!!

With alllllllll this said I was very pleased to see the thermos :)

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

black dating in a hip hop society

heard about this on the radio & waaaaaay funnier than i thought it'd be...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creepy mask

Like this candle stand-it's like a lazy man/woman's ornament. The candy is eeeeeh..ooold

Creepy mask on wall of bohemian caverns

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Tonic was fun last nite but ummmmmmm me going to bed at 1ish is for the birds! I'm sooooo tired, AND I have another event tonite AND another engagement tomorrow nite.

I've decided thurs/fri=family low key nite!

Sidenote: tonic has THE best tatter tots & at least we won at bar scrabble!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

chocolate rain? chocolate slavery!

ofcourse slavery still exist & ofcourse lil sweatshop hands put a lot of products together. but it wasn't until today that i thought about child labor & food. thanks to a tweet which led me to this post about "Big Chocolate's Child Slavery Addiction"

chocolate *gasp* yes chocolate. something about using child labor for candy/sweets just seems crudely ironic. i will def think about this next time i eat chocolate... and feel a bit guilty!

in other news i really wann see this dark side of chocolate movie, but OFCOURSE it's not released inthe states yet :(

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Race for the cause 8k

No training/ stretching (I've gotta get better w/ that before I hurt myself). Almost threw up, but didn't. Main thing: I finished!

Fyi that guy was prob the oldest & had a great stride everytime I saw him. Kudos to you sir

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lunch courtesy trader j's

Everything from veggies to pita bread to tofurky italian sausage to tzatziki to brewski...I keep meaning to write trader j's about how great they are/ how I need HALF (eddie murphy voice) of all sales for their jalepeno stuffed olives :)

2 diff view- either way it was goooooood
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Pumpkin of doooooooooom!

While minding our business grocery shopping at trader j's we stumble across this abomination!

Huge contrast from the cute eggplant & artichoke we bought!
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