Tuesday, September 30, 2008

there should be more than 24hrs in a day... or more than 1 me

so took a look at my handy dandy planner this am- my memory isn't as good as it should be, plus i always have 20 diff things to do on any given day! noticed my last college roomie was coming into town today (yeaaaaaaaaah), but in my mind thought it was tomorrow (o, dear).

just spoke w/ her, smoe, & chic-fil-a to coordinate how i'm going to meet everyone's needs. after 5 minutes of stress, a proposition, a happy greeting from an employee at the chic-fil-a in silver spring, a quick internet search, some chuckles, some giggles, confusion, best buy making a great decision, i've arrived at a plan.

here it goes: i'll meet smoe at metro at 4:30 to get his phone (my cell has been out of commission for weeks!); then he'll go to his spanish class until 9pm... meanwhile i'm not going to my historymakers volunteer meeting at 7:30 (i'll go to the one next week). instead of the meeting i'll run w/ the pg running club at 7, and leave at 8:30ish... meanwhile, roomie's flight gets in from ny around 8, b/c she has a hankering for chic-fil-a she's determined to land, take metro straight to chi-fil-a.... here's the kicker there's 1 me, 1 bobbi (car) & 2 lovely folks which need to be picked up from their designated areas.

songs o' the day:
mother, mother (tracy bonham) ... forgot about this song till i saw it on my bro's book of face profile... gotta love the 90s!
mmm mmm mmm mmm (crash test dummies) ... another great 90s song

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