Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fred Merkle...100 years later

great morning! so as i was watching countdown w/ keith olbermann (1 of my fav shows) last nite and learned about a boy named fred merkle, a 19-year-old rookie first baseman for ny.

do you know him? if not, get familiar, as this man was single-handedly blamed for not running to 2nd base, resulting in him being "out"... leading to the cubs winning the world series in 1908 (and only that year, as they have not won a world series since).

watch the ny mets/chicago cubs game tonite & see if history repeats itself! to learn more about how merkle became “the man who lost the [nl] pennant” (b/c i'mm too lazy to recap the complete story) check out this article in ny times...very interesting stuff.

song of the day (yes, yes another 1 from mr west): good morning

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