Thursday, May 27, 2010

"i don't like being touched by strangers"

taken from this site description of: "reporter hates being touched; and sadly comes in contact with an obsessive compulsive toucher. And hilarity ensues."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pb&j campaign

nothing's good for you or the environment so dot what you want now.... bc you're gonna die.

with this being said this is a cute site subtly promoting vegetarianism (eat more beans & plants tone).

pb&j site here:

at a loss of words...

2 year old smoker (yes 1, 2 yrs). apparently he "throws tantrums if he can't puff 40 cigs a day" his dad started him off when he was 18 months! though he's a lil chubby and "too unfit to run with other kids" his dad says, "He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem"

article here w/ video of the man-child puffing away on his toy truck! thoughts??

not even mad at BP...

ok ok the oil spill is quite terrible, dare i say devastating?! but for some reason i'm not even that mad at BP. i don't know that company or anyone that works there, so what gives me the right to run their name through the oil, i mean mud (fingers crossed mud can stop the leak)... plus people act like multinational corporations don't screw up or shadily try to cover up their screw ups often.

i know i know this is effecting our whole ecosystem & besides the 11 men that died (which no one's really reporting on), it could be the death of some species and/or the death of seafood industry in the gulf, etc. full disclosure i'm not an environmentalist & i'm feel fairly removed from this tragedy which may be another reason i look on with shock instead of changing my facebook status/tweeting talking crap about BP. the fake BP twitter account ( is hilarious, and believe it does an awesome job "sticking it" to BP so my 2 cents or "hate" is unnecessary nor will i be purchasing a shirt though i think they're kinda cute (click here to see/buy them):


presidents making $$

courtesy of colleen's twitter, saw an article about the net worth of u.s. presidents... from past to present, this article's got them all. for full article click here

some examples here:
1st George Washington (1789-1797) $525 million
2nd John Adams (1797-1801) $19 million
3rd Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) $212 million
42nd William Jefferson Clinton (1993- 2001) $38 million
43rd George W. Bush (2001-2008) $20 million
44th Barack Hussein Obama (2008-present) $5 million

of course this make me think of wealth disparity & income gaps... but that's another post for another time. back to work :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

BET banned this vid??

folks at BET are such hypocrits! this video isn't THAT bad & it's friggin BET not BBC! story on necole bitchie

Ciara featuring Ludacris - Ride (Explicit Version) from Terrell Johnson on Vimeo.

fyi this cici video was also banned: (silly people it's not like people CAN'T see these images eleswhere)

non ciara related, BET also banned sponsor vid: (liek this song)

where's waldo?!

hilarious take on classic where's waldo! (sidenote: not really herzog but funny nonetheless)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

new artist: brittany bosco

as i ALWAYS say, i use the term "new" losely when it come to my new artist post. pretty much just means new to me.

courtesy of 1 of the artsy fartsy groups chad hangs in i found out through him about brittany bosco. i imagine the music scene in atl is fairly close knit & encouraging, so hopefully she'll be "make it" soon :)

think she's considers indie/soul/rb or somethin. it's a clean young sound to me, so it works. her myspace here to have a listen

to see more pics, she has a rack here: her style's like everyone elses (h&m + thrift store + american apparel, etc) but she's pretty & talented so it works.

tron legacy! :o

totally meant to post this last sunday when i saw the movie, but i heart tron (1982 movie)... so after discovering they're coming out w/ another 1, tron legacy this year (think december) i was HYPE! it looks updated and cool, plus i love when originalk actors appear in newer versions of their old movies!

1 trailer here, other trailer below

interesting site...

since i'm like in love w/ complex mag i follow like 5 folks associated w/ it on twitter. this is from 1 of them (think an editor):

it's just visually soothing to me. pics are too bland & not too outrageous. can be appreciated by flipping through it & not thinking too much

cyrus in pics

cyrus (aka moe dean/bun/peepee/ peeps mcbeeps/dr sexistein/stupid/smoe) is artsy & like to make things,a s you'll see below:

his apb character

side by side comparison of him & his character. not too shabby

last time i was in nyc visiting him he drew this. can't remember why the illustration but obviously i was being shady (teehee)
his scribbles. sidenote: i don't hate his drawings...
more scribbles...
be i said he looks like drake & 2 other light skinned kids, smoe thinks i think ALL light skinned guys look alike (not true). he drew this pic as an example & funny thing is this pic DOES look like 3 light skinned guys i know (including him)!
more of his apb character
... and apd once more

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

chicago & connecticut in pics

traveling for work, but tried to inject some fun to balance out stress/tiredness. see pics below:

this is our newest ace clean character! (ct)
me & tulips hanging out in chicago
me hanging out w/ statue after ladies nite out! (chi)

wherever i go i bring spock w/ me! (chi)

have you heard of alcohol infused whipped cream?! well i tried it (stronger than you'd think) (chi)

maybe we were drunk off of pizza but this was (and still is) hilarious! you have to pronouce the beginning waaaaaaaaalllll- (chi)
loooooooooooooooooooooove chicago deepdsih!