Saturday, September 20, 2008

A's, B's, C's!

A - army 10-miler... so i'm running the army 10-miler again this year, so i'm really excited!!! i'm so excited i haven't been training as well as i should :) i'm trying to watch my consumption though, i cut out all alcohol & minimized my sweets but i seriously should stop playing around & hit the track!

last year (i trained more) ran it w/ 1 of mi hermanos & mi papa. this year's special b/c my dad (claims) this is going to be his last 10-miler b/c his body isn't what it used to be and he needs to take it easy on his long races. the man's been running the army 10-miler since
1991 (not 2001 b/c the race was canceled)... after questioning him several times about ending his 10-miler days, he finally admitted that he's "going to see how this race goes" and "not going to make any public statements until after the race". i swear he literally said public statements, as if he's going to hold a press conference! ha!

B - board meetings... 3 times a year it's board meeting time and it never fails every time i'm always nervous pervis! thursday am we had our fall board meeting and of course i was stressing about it all week, but it went well, they're great folks, very pleasant and really appreciate the work we do. now that that's over i'll be stress free until, say, dec 10th (the next meeting)!

C - channels... ok, i'm a fan of thrifting (shopping at vintage stores & consignment boutiques), huge fan of music, but not that hot on tv. there's nothing wrong w/ watching tv, but ever since the wire went off the air nothing excites me as much...except the news (i love anything on msnbc and/or bbc world news, actually cspans great too) & cartoons (from cartoon network to nick to pbs kids, it's all good)... i say all this to say i have a satellite so clearly have over 500 channels! this is a bit much for me as i'm sure i watch the same 5 channels! comcast should offer some prorated price that's determined by your activity (i.e. if you don't use all your channels, if you never utilize on demand, rent movies you shouldn't pay the fixed amount) i know this'll never be, but can't a girl dream??
with all this said, i've discovered 2 great channels: the discovery & history channel. i think i'm going to incorporate the history channel into my saturday routine. last saturday i was watching a show about ancient wonders of the world & almost didn't get out of bed to go volunteer, when i came home i was glued to the tv learning how winged animals were evolved & early life of neanderthals! i'm actually watching it now & learning about the history of the hot dog (as a semi vegetarian i'm kinda disgusted). discovery channel is also amazing b/c they have man vs wild (i like bear's accent), how it's made & myth busters (omg they did a 2-part episode about macgyver myths & i was glued to the screen)...ok enough blogging for now, i'm off to watch tv :)

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