Tuesday, March 31, 2009

if music were my boyfriend...

so if music was my boyfriend... well, it's more like a husband b/c i love it unconditional (for better or worse, no matter how profane, violent, misogynistic it may be)!

anywho so if music were my husband, this would be the child we're thinking about adopting right now... (except we're not breaking any laws like madonna):

i loooooove the club beat & kanye is always amazing! must do more research into this dj class fellow...

random typings on my blueberry

I've never posted 2 my blog via my phone so thought if give it a try this am! Hmmmm guess ill do a recap 4 my #1 fan/love of my life/my Janet Jackson in atl :)

Months ago my Roomie told me my blog makes my life seem boring & I must admit it def does, but it just moves too fast 2 blog about! Ill never be 1 of those super cool bloggers w/ 50 trillion followers, but I'm happy w/ my 1. ... Hmm looks like I'm not getting on metro right now bc that train was too packed & wouldve had 2 hold on instead of type.

As I listened 2 the radio this am I heard a caller on DC 101.1 call members of his fam bam "livers w/ legs" which I think is hillariously sad & heard too many t.I. Songs I swear I hear more songs now that he's goin 2 jail than I did b4. How come there's no outrage & hoopla about his gun charge last year & folks refusing 2 play his songs like there is/was 4 Chris breezy??

Woohoo! On the train & off 2 work prob have 2 end this soon bc don't get service under tunnel. Good ole red line is always stopping on the tracks so guess ill keep typing 4 now. Sooo taxes r done & I'm super happy about that. Fiesty carribean lady from hour block who did em told me 2 challenge her next year by getting married, havin kids & buying a house! Told her nah, but ill donate more 2 my charities. Ok gotta go b4 tunnel

- i'm overwhelemed by seeing obama every week. i understand he's trying to be a more visible, people's president, but it starting to smell like good pr to me
- the idea of polygamy is interesting to me. how do we know we're supposed to be matched 1 to 1??
- reading an interesting book called the wordy shipmates by sarah vowell & it's super good, but i NEVER alot time to read it, so i'm only on like page 8 & i've had it for weeks
- 3 of my favorite people are having a smoke cigars, sip wine & read get together on friday! knowing them they'll go all out & have the hugh heffner smoking jackets, loafers, ascot (if they owned a monicle, they'd probably have that in too)
- ummm guess that's all... wish there was a way to automatically import tweets into a blog entry then my life would be 10 times easier!

song o the day: turning me on (keri hilson ft tpain & wayne)... "... & the oa-k-ley shades go so hard with it" :) good job to tpain for only cursing 4 times & still having a solid verse!... interesting keri hilson verse, but i like her bc she's from atlanta...of course i loooove wayne's verse

Sunday, March 29, 2009

ok, ok maybe i AM a trekkie...

2 words... MAY 8TH!!!!

just finished all 3 seasons of the original star trek series... yep, after spending many a days & nights in front of my laptop i've completed all 83 episodes!!!

THANK YOU HULU!! YOU (& my coworker who was the last straw to convince me to watch the series) HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!

i'm sooo hype/ready for the movie now :) thankfully the movie wasn't released this month! between the watchmen & star trek, i don't think my heart would have been able to handle the excitement... no pressure jj (abrams) but this movie better be totally awesome!... and not have an uncomfortably long, slow, cheezy sex scene like the watchmen.


song o the day: (more like noises of the day) background sound to the star trek movie trailer:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

good morning

woke up to find i lost a left sock to the great bed war of '09!... maybe it's wrapped up under my comforter somewhere. i star treked my nite away as all i remember is spock telling a (most logical) plan to kirk then smoe taking off my glasses and i heard the laptop shut.

had a dream i was passing around bday card, everything seemed normal, then i went over the the new girl's desk so she could sign it so she stopped packing and signed. we talked a lil, then her supervisor came out w/ a group of people 1 of whom "was married to an obese man so she had to call him before she caught her flight back home, but she couldn't reach him (she looked like someone i've seen at a conference & i noticed she was standing super close to her colleague, so i was suspicious)... somehow new coworker turned into a black girl, but i still new it was her so i kept talking as if all was the same. she then started talking about how she loves to read and she wants to write a book and a girl that stays with her was mad one day bc she was flushing the toilet too much. when i asked why she flushed the toilet so much she blamed it on some rare condition where "an electrode (or electrolyte) explosion that takes place in her stomach"... i woke up soon after. i've gotta stop dreaming about work!

think i should unsubscribe to time bc i'm behind and i don't read em as much as i used to... read their "pop chart" this am & found out seinfeld's doing an nbc reality show & snoop is converting to islam & lindsay lohan is converting to judaism (think she's doing it for samantha ronson??).

ok i'm off to check out all of the local musician wash post highlighted in the weekend section yesterday!... and scream in smoe's ear to wake him up :)

song o the day: do you realize (the flaming lips) ... also in time mag i read OK just made this their state song! now i'm curious as to what other state song are out there, and how oftent they change...please note the host saying they started in a transvestite bar in OK

Friday, March 13, 2009

how i spent my friday night

o no, it's friday the 13th... i used to look forward to this day to see if somethin bad happened. i had a great day today! i've realized i shouldn't go out on fridays (unless it's a special occasion or event) bc i'm drained from work week. got home at 8pm, watched olberman, ate left over couscous, played around on fbook & been twittering my life away... omg new snickers commercials are grrrrrrrrreat!

anywho, umm lost train of thought so i'll keep typing, but tv is so loud can't concentrate (darn you king of the hill theme)...got it so i've accomplished 1 thing this cold friday nite- photoshopping a pic from my bday thing (come back to me march 8th) at modern:

trying to decide if i'm gonna wake up super early & volunteer w/ church's homeless ministry or spend time w/ smoe. it's odd bc folks think we're always together, but smoe & i rarely actually enjoy time we spend together... bc we're always doing somethin else (i.e. commuting or running errands or he's on the computer as i sleep/as i talk n the phone, etc.). he works tomorrow afternoon so ideally we could spend am & early pm together, but even if i don't wake up at crack of dawn to feed homeless i gotta volunteer w/ kids early pm so our time is limited...is it silly to plan a "couple time"... aren't we too young to be too busy w/ conflicting schedules? oh well. feel silly for blogging about this so i'll stop & post the 4 song that gave me an extra boost of energy late at work today:

gloria (laura branigan) ...i love her outfit. this song is such a classic!
dirty diana (mike jack) ...this song makes me think of my band friends from hu!
beat it (mike jack) ...love love love the dancing, love the outfits, love the fact that the cute light skinned guy from ny undercover is in it,love the piano shirt & absolutely loove the way mike gets outta bed when the hook first comes in!
go your own way (fleetwood mac) ...regardless of what mood i'm in this always makes me hype.

1q1b OUT (a la star trek)... off to watch my show & wait for smoe to get off work & come over.

turtle rapes shoe

turtles were my fav animal...ruined!!! this video is courtesy of @jgm22 on twitter. make sure your sound is up. smoe thinks it's "the cutest sex noise ever". title of video is "turtle rapes shoe", but is it really rape (just learned the diff between 1st & 2nd degree rape 2 days ago after hearing about that private school case in laurel). but back to the video, i mean she was asking for it, looking all good, wearing those cfm laces!

WARNING: the sound will haunt you all day:

song o the day: summertime ... i've probably already posted this song, but think it's great (especially nina simone's version)... i've been obsessed with watching porgy & bess for like 2 years, but no hollywood video has it (don't have a blockbuster card). i was tempted to buy it for myself as a bday gift, but heard not all versions are as good as others. i researched it a lil last weekend, but got distracted and started looking up info about operas i wanna see (mainly carmen & madama butterfly)... i say all this to say after reading some harsh criticisms about porgy & bess, i'm lowering my standards a lil but still really really really wanna see it... one day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

all forms of ignorance...

below is a video a friend sent me called "rihanna's revenge"... in the words of smoe it's "all kinds of ignorance" (ranging from funny to sad). i felt REALLY bad for laughing at some parts... would be better if it was cut down to be shorter, but without further ado, i bring you the video:

song o the day: imperial march a.k.a. darth vader's theme .... i love the close ups on the cello & bass section (there's a surprise if you look closely)!

Monday, March 2, 2009

2 videos...

courtesy of my boyfriend:
"glorious battle"

courtesy of my bro via facebook:

the dance ACTUALLY isn't that bad, but the fact that it's called "stanky leg" is hilariously ignorant & entertainingly awful

...ok enough of this, off to watch star trek :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

lessons learned from bahia...

just got in from brazil last night, so recouping right now (meaning sleeping all day, easing back into eating solid food & watchin man v wild). bear is rugged cute...not so much when he kills & eats rabbit on a stick as he's doing now though!
just changed fbook profile pic to 1 representing carnaval & felt like i should do final thoughts:

- learned to be more confident in your skin/body. don't have low self esteem, but def don't let it all hang out & i'm more covered than not. well not anymore! brazilian women wear the cutest outfits (weather its a scantily clad bikini, or a nice sun dress) they wear their clothes well regardless of size/shape. i'll def adopt this attitude this summer... o & they wear hammer pants, but its super cute. didn't have time to buy any so i'll search for em this week. (this pic is of a man we saw at the beach... even the guys were super confident as a lot of them wore speedos & were gut out all day- i saw A LOT of male butt cracks too)

- be mindful of not so safe food handling in other countries. i've been blessed to travel abroad several times, but morro de sao paulo was the 1st time i got sick! it was TERRIBLE!!!! literally thought i was gonna die from not being able to keep ANYTHING down! thank god i made it & my girl was awesome enough to go to a pharmacia & get the proper medicine for me. it actually turned out that 3 outta 5 of us threw up at some point in the trip, all of us had the runs at some point though. (this pic is of a caramelized banana & cheez pizza i had...this didnt make me sick & it was good bc they didn't use pizza sauce)

- strangers are super fun!! going to salvador & morro were great but experience was enhanced bc everyone was cool. there were 5 of us, all strangers- well not really, i knew my friend from hu, she knew 1 of the guys from high school, he knew the other 3 boys bc they all went to morgan. our personalities meshed well & though we were only together for a week, i'm gonna miss being around them. told them i better see them again (2 are in bmore & the other is in newport news, my friend's in dc). it was totally like real world/road rules except we didn't fight, we didn't have sex w/ each other & no one cried (hey who says ya can't do an all black cast of real world)?! (a pic of the brazil crew + the girls in the green shirt who was our brazilian contact/guide for the week)

- i love traveling. bc i'm an army brat & moved a lot when i was younger there was a decade where i never wanted to move and/or travel anywhere, just wanted to be stationary...obviously i've out grown that! though i got super sick towards the end & that tainted my whole view of the trip, i totally love being in a new place & checking out new cultures! plus bc salvador was originally a stopping ground on slave trade, a lot of the folks that live there are of a darker hue. i was told i fit in several times, so i believed it & was happy that i could "pass" :) (this pic shows a ridiculous amount of people & a view of what a typical street looked like during carnaval...this looks like the timbalada bloco but can't remember)

- my years of spanish paid off & i knew more than i thought. to me portuguese is a mix between spanish, french & long e's & nasal sounds (i'm sure this isn't the most politically correct observation of another language). b/c i speak fluent spanglish (yep thats "spanglish" not "spanish") i was able to pick up a lot quicker, plus i had a few conversations w/ brazilians who couldn't speak any english, so i picked up a lot there too (thank god for nonverbal language, body language, mannerisms, etc.) (in this pick the guy behind me is a black guy from brooklyn who was o so happy to see us & speak english! guess you don't realize how powerful communication is until there's a handicap you must over come)

- riding a horse once is good enough for me. always wanted to ride a horse, i did it & i'm good :) (my friend & i about to ride a horse on a beautiful beach in morro)
well, thats all for now... i'm sure i learned a lot more, but too tired/weak/jet lagged to continue. so w/ that i end & go back to sleep :)

song o the day: guess who's back (scarface feat. jay, beanie)... i'm back in the great us of a, so thought it'd be fitting :)