Saturday, May 30, 2009

summer summer summer tiiiiiiiiime!!!

what's it with the summer & guys?? i've been running errands all day & i've been getting harassed all day! there was some random old guy in sub shop, some special guy in a gas station, other random guys in a parking lot, a guy in a passenger seat of a big green van saying "heeey"

what is it about less clothes & heat that make guys go nuts?? actually, not even clothes it must be the heat! bc i was just wearing a hat, jeans & tank top! when i was complaining to someone about this he replied, "you just have that soulmate look shawty"...guess that's a good look so won't complain!!

song o the day: summertime (dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince)...seems fitting on a nice, sunny day in dc!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


about to make my 1st post in me & janet jackson/silly jilly's blog....hmm what should i write?? nothin too cool (i'll save that for my blog). hmmm, GOT IT!

song o the day: creep (stone temple pilots). the song roooocks and it's the first thing that came to mind when i was thinkin about a song o the day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

goin goin back back to DC DC

Soooooo wanted to post in my blog w/ my friend BUT its actin up & I can't access it via my phone... obviously my cell is playing favs bc I can access this one!

Goin hoooooooooome & I'm happy!!! Went to TI farewell concert last nite, after that played catch up at friend's mom's house. We were talkin about ed commercial & she thought they should def be pulled off air, we didn't agree so guess it is a generational thing.

Guess getting to airport early & waiting isn't all bad bc I get time to tweet & write this! Trying to decide is I wanna eat here or tomorrow am?! Not hungry but what if I get hungry when I get home? Don't feel like cooking & don't have any snacks left- note to self, go grocery shopping... Think ill get somethin small now. We'll see what's by my gate, think I may be boarding soon.

I'll try to post on the other blog 1 more time... Come on padgekins (my cell) don't be a prick, don't be that that guy! Lemme post! Give me access pleeeeez :)

Wowsers announcement just came on that they're boarding in 1 minute... Wait! Have they always said you MUST speak fluent English to sit in exit rows?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


i think atl is 1 of the few places i can actually far i've been thinkin about work, but haven't done anything. laid up ALL yesterday afternoon. i finally saw an episode of matlock & in the heat of the nite...spunky old white guys make interesting main characters.

was going to go to some spot called motions, but we were too late so ended up going to lenny's bar to see hollyweerd. i've never heard of them, but apparently they're kinda popular in atl. glad i saw them, they had a lot of energy & i really like the last song they performed over a kid sister pro nails beat. got hit on a lot. atlanta guys aren't ass aggresive as dc & md guys, but they're so funny so you can't help but respond to their advances (even if you are rejecting them)...called smoe at the crack of dawn & as i was on the phone 2 guys were talking to me. 1 came up and didn't believe i was n the phone w/ my boyfriend so i had him talk to smoe...the other guy was like high and had a really soothing voice. so far he's the only jamaican-cuban i've met in life.

in other news excited about seeing my bros this afternoon when we all go to see dance flick...we keeps it classy in our choice of theatrical movies :) also, janet jackson FINALLY got on her job & named and created our blog. she's off on a super fabo vaca w/ hemlady. they're goin on a cruise so told them not to eat too much (so enticing since there's always food to be had on ships) & to wash hands (being sick on vaca SUCKS).

song o the day: left right left (drama) such a middle school song...not sure what this site's about but this is the 1st place i saw that had the video. go denmark!

BREAKING NEWS: just found these guys dancing to a hollyweerd song. i appreciate & respect anyone who does choreography in a public parking lot:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend in review: productive

very busy... am i the only 1 who's weekends are busier than my weekdays?? friday smoe & i tried to watch karate kid, but i ended up falling asleep... when we watch movies they're always bad (i.e. snakes on a plane, monkey shines, the room) or extra 80s (robocop, terminator)

saturday was ridiculous! so ridiculous in fact that i bought a new navi system friday nite bc couldn't afford to be late for a minute- i schedule things too close. in the am volunteered w/ my pbm kids, afternoon volunteered w/ kidsave kids, evening went to gum springs historical society's 175th anniversary dinner. helped the president of the society do some event planning which was a good experience for me (yeaaaaa for community groups broadening my horizons)! that nite (a moment i've been waiting for) got to see drizzy perform!!!! almost didn't get to see him bc crowd was sooooo rowdy, so management at love almost shut it DOWN! he was good. not a huge stage presence, but that's ok bc he's supposed to come off as an average guy so it def works for him. he's also cute & talented so that helps too. after that we go to meet up with my nemesis bc he's throwing a bday thing at another club...i go dance with them from 2:30-3am...i know the time bc we got A LOT of crap at the door and they weren't gonna let us in, but i kept saying we had to and pleaded our case until they did :) i also go to unload the big bottle of jack i had in my car for him... felt kinda guilty earlier in the afternoon when i had that and some wine in my car at a church parking lot (kidsave event was at a church).

finally got home around 4. went to bed. woke up at 7:15am & was off to the races...didn't do that bad, about an 11 min mile which is pretty good considering i didn't train at all & haven't seriously ran since army 10-miler in oct 2008.

all in all a great weekend, a few more weekend to do's & i can actually relax/unwind :)

song o the day: (not sure if i've done this song already)... every girl, young money. had to do this song bc (1) saw drake last nite at love & i'm still a huge fan... (2) this song got me through the 1st mile of capitol hill classic 10k this am! kept it on repeat:

Young Money - Every Girl [Official Music Video]

2 new songs: poke her face & cookies n apple juice

so recently heard these 2 songs w/ ridiculous lyrics in the hook, but i like both of em... (don't judge me):

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ugh.... not stressed just stretched

I need to go back to that handsy masseuse bc my back is tight & I'm tense all over... Wow just passed roadkill & happy 2 say I'm doin better than THAT guy bc my brains aren't over the street!

I'm just frazzled & thinkin I should have planned to spend more than 4 days in atl...

Work: we're playing catch up after Chicago meetings. Switching interns & staying afloat w/ a major summer project w/ minor league baseball & launching some things in the fall...

Community service: though it keeps me sane, it takes up almost as much time as my job. being on a small nonpropfit's board, being pretty much a nonprofit consultant for a community group & being in high demand from another group I'm involved with I'm getting prettay prettay tired!

Personal: decided to start taking dance classes...This way I don't have to wait till weekends to dance, plus bc its instruction I get to learn stuff! Smoe is wonderful as always, wish we could spend more time together but our schedules conflict a lot...mainly bc I always have somethin to do for someone or somebody. lastly, 1 of my roomie's just graduated from grad school (yea) but she thought she'd have a job by now, so she can't afford to continue to live w/ us (o no). trying to decide if we want to stay where we are and interview a 3rd roomie, or if we should just move into a 2 bedroom...i prefer moving into a 2 bedroom. the problem w/ that is actually looking and scoping out places & the act of moving all of my crap into another spot...

W/ all this said, life is good!!! I just REALLY need to start making time for me and/or to relax. Did that on sunday & it was grrreat. I slept in & took myself to see Tyson (an amazing movie).

Song o the day: robocop (kanye) a lot of folks don't like 808s & heartbreaks but me likey. Listened to this twice this am & love the beat & the talking part at the very end.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

star trek movie: my initial thoughts

so my thursday consisted of me waking up in chicago... presenting at program meeting and board meeting... running to a taxi... running to check in at ohara...hopping on flight...hopping off flight at reagan... running to baggage claim...hopping into smoe's car...driving to movie theater at gallery place/chinatown... saving seats for folks at midnite showing of star trek...actually watchin the movie!

1st reaction was that i'm super jealous at the relationship spock & uhura had in the movie- i wish i could date that vulcan :) smoe shook his head after i said this. in addition to smoe, saw it with my trekkie friend & his lady friend. he gives it 3.5 stars

looking on twitter kept reading super great reviews about how awesome it was and super fantastic... actors did a great job, especially the folks who played spock, scotty, sulu & mccoy! i purposely went into the movie with no expectations. overall the movie was good. it wasn't 100% true to star trek's core, but it did its job of bringin the franchise back in a major way and, maybe more importantly, introducing it to new generations (or folks who never woulda seen the show, but liked the hollywoodize movie).

bc i wasn't the movie's #1 fan like everyone else i felt out of place and like i missed something, so asked my trekkie friend his thoughts. he said that he was a lil worried about the updated version bc star trek isn't about action. the graphics and high energy was cool, but it's supposed to be philosophical and thought provoking.

i totally agree and think something gets lost in translation... however overall jj abrams did a good job and i'm oh so glad star trek is back in everyone's thoughts, hearts and conversations!

saw the following clip from the onion on friday & thought it was hilarious bc i'm turning into 1 of these people:

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

tim "the vulcan" geitner

meant to post about this a while ago, but kept putting it off. seeing as i'm back in star trek mode in preparation for the movie (yeaaaaah!), wanted to know is it just me or does timmy geitner look like a vulcan??

....timmy & spock (aka leonard nimoy)

....timmy could def be a member of spock's fam bam. pictured: amanda grayson, ambassador sarek, spock. friend just told me he too thinks timmy is a vulcan and thinks obama has some vulcan tendencies as well. well, guess that solves it!

song o the day: the lovely mr. nimoy sings as the ladies do cute hobbit dances...