Thursday, September 25, 2008

david latterman sans mccain

so i haven't seen the david letterman show in years, but def wanted to watch it tonite b/c apparently mccain called today to cancel his appearance on the show b/c economy was in a dire situation so he was "racing back to dc" to get to work on the bailout bill... here's the kicker, he never went to dc! b/c the show was tapped in the afternoon, during the show letterman pulled up a live interview mccain was doing (still in new york) w/ katie couric!!

ha! letterman keeps saying "something smells b/c there's no need to suspend anything" (per mccain campaign's decision to suspend campaigning to focus on "working")... he said put palin to work, that's was vps are for...

best letterman line: did you hear about david blaine? did any of you go see him in central park? apparently he's still left hanging... like lehman brothers shareholders

ok, i'm all newsed out so i'm forcing myself to go to bed or i'll be up all nite watching the same headlines over & over & over... oh how i love the news :)

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