Thursday, April 30, 2009

Richard Cory...

reading time and they were talkin about how that nyc case (on april 5th where that guy blocked a door and shot up an immigration center) was nothin new. apparently, gun sales are on the rise (some to protect against recession-related crime & bc fear of obama tightening gun laws)...i say all this to say they started off the excerpt w/ a line from e.a. robinson's richard cory.

i was uber intrigued so i looked it up and read it... a lil erie, but me likey. takes me back to north atlanta high school english when we used to read poetry and annotate like nobody's business! anywho, here's the poem:

Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean-favoured and imperially slim.

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good Morning!" and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich, yes, richer than a king,
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine -- we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.

So on we worked and waited for the light,
And went without the meat and cursed the bread,
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet in his head.

i tend to like shorter poems, so that's probably another reason i like it. thoughts??

song o the day: richard cory (simon & garfunkel) can't go wrong w/ paul & art, plus the song is so fitting...

Monday, April 27, 2009

r smelly is the wooooooooooooooooorst!

so already NOT a fan of r kelly...personally, think he should be in jail for pedophilia or somethin, BUT also don't appreciate how he's like a classically trained singer and could do a whole lot better than the r&b hooks and trashy-lyriced songs he puts out.

when friends showed me this video i swear i thoought it was fake, but apparently it's a real song called REAL TALK (go figure). a must see for those who aren't r smelly fans and think his music is bogus... best part is at the very end of the video. enjoy!

wowsers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smoe just told me about the fact that r smelly did like a mini movie for his "trap in the closet" songs, they're soooooo ridiculous so i must....i must post....i must post THEM ALLLLL! (can't believe my boy "omar" from the wire is in this crap!)

trapped in the closet part 1-5:

part 6:

part 7:

part 8:

click here for part 9 (embedding is disabled)

part 10:

part 11:

part 12:

part 13-14:

part 15:

.... hang in there, almost over

part 16:

part 17

part 18

part 19- 20:

part 21:

part 22:

click here to view the last one, part 23

Monday, April 20, 2009

new artist: Chester French!

Jaques jams vol 1 is one of my fav mixtaped right now. Courtesy of chester french!

Instead of 1 song o the day I have 3 thanks to the Harvard duo:
Nerd girl

So tall

She loves everybody

If their mixtape is any indication, their debut CD should be awesome!

My friend redhead did a verse over so tall & sent it to them, apparently thy liked it. So I extra like them bc they didn't ignore my buddy.

great day... monday

So I have a friggin new lease on life!! Ive had a productive weekend & per some changes that were made I'm happier w/ work. Lookin forward to gettin down to biz at work.... Its crazy how someone can effect your mood, productivity, even health w/o you noticing!

Much better now :)

In other news weekend recap:
Fri- decided not to go out (though I already planned to & got dressed for the occasion). Ended up drinkin & watchin snakes on a plane (bc smoe & I keeps it classy)

Sat- volunteered w/ my kiddies, passed a yard sale at Haynes middle school (new charter school in DC). Bought junk I didn't need 2 help the did more random shoppin at this place called glad rags that closing down (everything was 75% off, from clothes to accessories to store displays).... So again bought more stuff I didn't need including a large shoe shaped basket. Went to friends house to watch star trek movie, then a get together where smoe was called hot, then had to go to jaspers at like 1am to meet up w/ one of my fav guys who's in town.

Sun- went to church (looked anorexic compared to Easter's service). Then went to help smoe prepare for a cookout/ character creation session. I MADE POTATOE SALAD FROM SCRATCH!! It wasn't that hard bc potatoes were already done so I just mixed all ingredients... Next folks came over, beer was drunk & characters were picked for dungeons & dragons. Next we were hipped to a new role playing game called abberrant. I was the most novice person in the group (never played a rpg, come to think of it the last game I played was like tekken or grand theft auto). But abberant wasn't as tedious as d&d, so we'll see how my ventures into rpg go...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

mike tyson is a beast!

1 of my fav boys just sent me this video via skpye:

lazy town ft lil john

hilarious video! i don't understand why/who put these 2 things together, but it comes out quite nice...

love stinks

Typing this on my way home from work as I listen to drake's brand new (i've been listenin to this song back to back for the past 4 days)...0its really sickening when I get a song in my head bc I listen to it as often as possible

Anywho, per my title l-o-v-e is for the birds!! love stinks (this video rocks). Who has time 2 care & wanna be around someone all the time?? Putting someone else before yourself... Bah humbug!

smoe is killin me! Or as he puts it, 'melting the ice queen'... He sent me a DLN (daily love note) earlier this week at work & I was like tearing up (used to be a heartbreaker in my hay day, i'm gettin softer as I get older!) he hasn't sent me a DLN since I came back from Brazil so it was a surprise, plus it was a quote from lions & tigers & bears (an amazing song, love the lyrics)

Knowing he was leaving for NYC today for grad school prep stuff & work stuff I've been on edge all week. Yea yea yea I know he's only gonna be gone until tomorrow pm, but its like getting a taste of how life's gonna be when he starts school in the fall & I don't like it :(

2 words: not cool

Song o the day: every girl (wayne, drake, gudda, mack maine & jae millz) ... think some girls should remix this song (girls like lil kim, trina, etc)

Monday, April 13, 2009

new artist: d-r-a-k-e, drake, drizzy!

omg i've been listening to drake for the past 2 nights & he's grrrreat! i've tweeted about him & wrote about him on my facebook, so eventually a blog post had to come :)

he's come a long way since cute lil jimmy brooks from degrassi in a wheelchair... possibly the most talented actor turned rapper/singer!! i'm not a r&b fan, but his songs are the perfect mix of sweet, sexy, & lyrically sound. i like the way he sings, the way he raps, the way he looks... guess it's safe to say i'm a fan! (my cousin thinks i like him bc he looks like smoe, but that's not true they're just the same complexion)...

best of all he's like a protege to the love of my life (wayne) so they have A LOT of songs together. lastly, he was born in toronto, so 'nuff said (people always crap on canada, but they've given us good stuff good people)... anywho, here are a few good introductory songs:

in other other news, my janet jackon is growin up (tear, tear)... i'll explain in another post on another nite (maybe not)

** side note: andreena mill (also born in toronto) is pretty good too...again not a huge fan of r&b so i can only listen to so much, but worth checkin out

Saturday, April 11, 2009

facebook song & twitter vs flutter

thanks to @rex7 on twitter i found that second life article and this facebook video:

i've also been meaning to put up this twitter video... though it makes fun of folks who LOVE twitter (i.e. me) still think it's funny:

gotta love the folks at slate for flutter! flutterized glasses are great:

...okay enough w/ playing around on the internet, must go back to reading library book so i won't have to pay anymore overdue fees...

second life gets second wind?!

so after reading this story from cnet about second life i'm glad to hear it was down but not out (a la cam'ron song)...

the article was saying there's been a rack of execs leaving, but money is still in motion on SL and financial transactions amongst users are sound. revenue is expected to be up in '09. they also mentioned that IBM has been involved since '06 but unlike other companies/marketing dept they are still involved in a high profile kinda way.

best quote was from.... describing that you can't just drop someone in SL like you can in other social networking mediums b/c it's "it's like trying to learn World of Warcraft and Photoshop at the same time"!... not sure about WoW, but i completely understand the Photoshop analogy.

cherry blast goes boom!

so i was heated last nite bc i REALLY wanted to go to "cherry blast". pretty much like a pre-wrap up to cherry blossom festival complete w/ anime films, food, techno music (woohoo), etc all in a warehouse in anacostia, se....

in the middle of watching the labyrinth, i decided it'll be a good idea to take an hour nap, wake up then head out to the festivities (bad idea)... i woke up every hour (kept hitting snooze). mumbled some question to smoe then went back to bed. i remember picking up my phone from an angry friend caller who was disappointed that i was sleeping at 9pm on a friday when a friend of ours was in from outta town (sowwy)...

when i woke up crazy early this am, i was no longer heated bc at least i got to rest... i'll find another cool techno party to go to... 1 daaaaaaay!

song o the day: dance magic dance (david bowie)... so i know the beginning of this song b/c my bro's used to say this, but never knew/remembered it was from this movie...there's still a 50% chance i never saw labyrinth when growing up, but i've heard so much about it that it seems as if i have. oh, well one thing's for sure when i finish it today i'll consider it as viewed. is it just me or is david bowie's outfit hot?! (if the sleeves weren't so puffy i'd def wear it)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


so after flipping through out mag's power 50 i was lookin around and their blogs. i stumbled upon their stylelist blog & found the following lovely pic

after staring at the pic, realized it was a blog post so actually read it. interestingly enough it was talking about how in times of economic downturn (i.e. depression... & now) folks (in this case men) buy brighter colored undies & patterned boxers... read the actual blog post here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

gordon brown & hair short

this video is hilarious bc gordon brown's body language REALLY looks like he's going towards the guy, then completely changes his mind:

smoe and i always think of lil shorts/skits we could do that'll be funny (at least to us)... this am i thought about a hair short. it'd be like a horror which entails pieces/strands of hair that haunt this one kid. eventually, the climax of the movie will be a big afro or something thats waiting for him/her in his/her room... in order to defeat it, the kids will have to use hair products (i.e. put holding spray or a relaxer on it to paralyze it), find it's split ends & cut em, ect.... ok seemed like a good idea this am when i was doing my hair.

ok, back to watchin 1st contact (not familiar with next generation so gotta pay attention)...sometimes a girl just feels like typing in purple ya know?

goin so fast i must be Russian!

Just a I'll Wednesday humor. But seriously CAN'T be late for bed check so decided not to commute w/ smoe to a metro station that'll put me closer to DC/work.instead told him to just drop me off at a metro n Md/close to my house... Hopefully my decision proves accurate & I get to my desk by 8:30 (nail biter)!

I'm actually in a calm mood bc I'm listenin to thom Yorke... 'the more you try to erase me... The more that I appear'.

In other news my #1 blog fan/atl love of my life/Janet, miss Jackson if ya nasty are gonna do a joint blog!!! I'm excited bc its a way 4 us to keep closer tabs on eachother & it'll be cool to see what type of personality our bog develops.

Lastly, as I type this & weave my way through am metro pedestrian traffic just realized my knee still hurts. Not from having a taxi door closed on it but from getting my body on a treadmill last nite. It started hurting like 20 min into my running but thought if just run it off... 30 min later when I was done it was still a little sore. Me being me instead of stretching I kept it moving to weight machines. Work out was good, unfortunately I was annoyed for most of it bc some stranger ladies were practicing their praise dance routine in the gym mirrors! How do I know they were strangers?? Bc 85% of the folks who live in my condo are white senior citizens! (Think 1 or 2 of them did live there though. Anywho, it wouldn't been bad if they were just practicing- I love dance so I like watchin it too.) But they kept blasting the gospel song over & over. I listen to music loud in my car, but via my ipod ice adjusted the volume so it'll never play at max. So my derogatory music was drowned out by thru gospel!

Song o the day: island in the sun (weezer)... A sold feel good song from a feel good group. Listenin 2 it last night & wanted to go on a vacation again!

Monday, April 6, 2009

why do you like dolly parton?!

annoyingly, i get this question when the fact that i like dolly comes up and/or i blurt out how great she is. the question is usually followed by 'i wouldn't picture/imagine YOU as a dolly fan'...emphasis on you

i always assume people question my like bc i'm black or young... probably a lil bit of both. i was talkin to my mentor last weekend about how i wanted to go to ny for the 9 to 5 opening, & even he was shocked! he used to be my 10th grade marketing teacher so he knows a lot about me/seen me grow etc. but guess not enough...for those who REALLY know me there shouldn't be any surprise that i like dolly bc i'm in LOOOOVE w/ music.

anywho to the matter at hand. why i like her:
  • she's honest about the work she's had done... regardless of if you like how she looks or not, she does & she pays for it, so what can you really say?
  • she's made somethin outta nothin. she came from very humble beginnings to super successful with a charity, amusement park, business, etc... most importantly never forgot where she came from & gives back
  • she's 63 & still energetic, relevant & an all around entertainer w/ a capital "e"
  • her sense of humor is great! can't remember which magazine now, but she was voted the most quotable women like 1 or 2 years ago
  • she's been married to her husband for 43 yrs! i think that's crazy, especially how high profile she is (but i guess bc he's super low profile it balances out)
  • most people who have somethin to say about her only know her by her cleavage & have never heard a single song. her fast songs are fun, but i like her slow songs better bc they're more soulful. also, lyrically she's very solid (i.e. backwoods barbie lyrics). whether she's doing a silly, down home act or changing her voice to sound like a little girl or incorporating a gospel twang thing, it always comes off right & works well for her.
  • think she's strong. regardless of the crap people talk about her, she doesn't change & she continues to work hard, write, sing, act, compose, etc... and at the end of the day you have to respect her.
hmmm those are the first things that come to mine. i encourage all to listen to some of her songs before judging her. wikipedia will handle the rest!

ps- i like johnny cash too. don't think folks know that, wonder if i'd get the same "YOU like HIM" response?!

what's that smell in the fridge???



let your soul glow!

Finally took out my hair & now my lil afro is sayin hello 2 the world!

In other news finished star trek movie w/ Khan in it & like all the othe fans of the movie my fav part was when admiral Kirk screams 'KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!' Started the search 4 spock, but fell asleep. the weather is great so its gotta be a great day :)

song o the day: day & night (kid cudi) ... listened to this song like 4 times this am. it's so catchy. the video's cool, but you can tell he's a kanye associate. love the fact that travis barker is in it...wonder what their relationship is?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

senator slices girlfriend yet still sworn in?!

about to get off internet, but decided to check out daily beast headlines & came across the story of ny State Senator Hiram Monserrate beating up his girlfriend (all caught on camera).

apparently it happened in dec... he was still sworn in in jan... & was just indicted march 23rd. how come this didn't get national attention?? i'm sure it was all over ny news, but i heard nothin about this in dec or last month!

crazy how domestic violence in music world trumps domestic violence in political world...very sad. also very sad is in the daily beast article it claims only 73% of dv cases are even reported. i REALLY wanna go back to the volunteer work i did for WEAVE, but noooo time :(

martin louis the king, jr

just read kanye's interview in complex (april/may). complex is such a great mag, just wish there was a female version of it (proper balance of fashion & music & humorous extras), but i'll deal with the men's fashion & gratuitous bikini clad women for now.

in the interview i learned after kanye's lv shoes walked the runway at paris' fashion week (jan 22) he's changed his name:

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

... after the interview they talked about the design process of nike's air yeezy's (shoes kanye designed w/ nike). smoe says they're ugly, but i like em (think the extra long tongue looks cool and gives the shoe a good shape- you can't tell bc of this person's legs but trust me, click on the above link & see).

bite= rite & ms janet jackson!

after biting smoe's finger for fun, he showed me this video which further solidifies that biting is acceptable (and fun) for all ages :)

ok maybe i should stop playing around & downloading songs and get ready to church?? reasons not to:
- i'm VERY late
- i'm sore from dance class yesterday
- i was at church from 1:30-5:30 for an event i was volunteering for
- smoe's actually off today, so spend time/watch a movie we've been trying to see w/ him b4 my 2pm dance class
- i'm VERY late

reasons why:
- god would smile upon me!
- told a deacon after yesterday's event we should set up a table after service today & i'd print out flyers for it...

i'm the worst bc as i was typing i decided not to go... hopefully the deacon doesn't remember my suggestion :(

song o the day: control (janet jackson)...with all due respect, it's janet so i can't just link this song gotta show the vid... like most people who like dance i love janet (at all sizes, ages). her moves are always strong, yet feminine. enjoy!

in other news...i remember my bro's & i trying to learn many a dance routine growing up & this is one of them. i have the slide on knee w/ 1 arm move down packed but my chair work is still shaky! and please don't mention the rhythm nation routine! my bro's had it, but i didn't...i should attempt learning it again 1 day then bust it out the next holiday/time we're all together...

Friday, April 3, 2009

the worst movie EVEEEEEER!

thanks to smoe's best friend's girlfriend he was put on to an awful movie called "the room". it's written, directed, produced & starring Tommy Wiseau.... the screenplay was adapted from his novel & soon to be taken to broadway?! ("the room" on broadway would be nuts)

...if you haven't seen it PLEEEEEEEZ go download it immediately! we spent the whole movie talking through it & cracking jokes a la mystery science theater style! the acting is garbage, the actors are unattractive, the storyline doesn't make sense, the sex scenes are VERY painful to watch (fyi fellas there's a nipple or 2 shown in the movie), and hard to follow simple dialogue!...with all this said, again i RECOMMEND watching it b/c it's a movie unlike any other... it'll def blow your mind!

courtesy of smoe's blog (the last blog on the left) i stole this video from him which features the 1 and only tommy wiseau on the tim & eric awesome show, great job! (this clip is weird & random just like i like em)

another stinky movie smoe made me watch 2 nites ago was called monkey shines... if you haven't seen THIS movie, i encourage you to! it's a better script & think these folks are real actors. it's from '88 (gotta love those 80s)... but it's complete w/ monkey drugs, the cutest attempted murder scene ever, a brief monkey-man make out scene, some killing & an annoying bird... i told smoe he's 2 for 2, now i need another crappy movie to watch to keep the rotation going. any suggestions??

Thursday, April 2, 2009

freestyle for my biggest of big bro's

here's that freestyle i was talkin about:

Corey Gunz -BAD FREESTYLE (PT2) 2009 from Radio Planet on Vimeo.

i put ooooooon.....

Title courtesy of the song I'm listening to right now... And now my song o the day! Don't feel like goin to work, but trying HARD not to be a could always be worse, I could be unemployed or a slave. Yep could ALWAYS be worse. Good news our spring intern finished a project that took him weeks, so that's good.

In other news feel like I should look into taking iron pills or vitamins more regularly bc I'm worn out by the time I get home & if I had my way id go to sleep at 8:30 like I did last nite.

Lastly, while listening to the cool kids and taking a shower (I swear I do best yginkin when I take long showers)realized in order for me NOT to hit snooze twice every am I have to get an alarm that plays music. So ill research my options later on when I get home...realized i need to start tagging which songs i have as song o the days as not to repeat em. Good day

Song o the day: put on (jeezy ft kanye) ...jeezy's 1st verse goes soooo hard! Ofcouse kanye is solid

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

why so bitter about bloggers??

In the words of the late great heath ledger via the joker: WHY SO SERIOUS??

Was listening to morning joe this am as I was getting dressed. I used to WATCH it, but mika is annoying, the other talking heads are ok. willie geist is great & still fun to watch... & here's where my story begins. Mika just reported about the conflicker virus & Willie asks 'who sits around & makes viruses, they need a hobby' mike barnicle replies bloggers! he goes on to say they sit at home & make viruses 2 crash computers when they're not blogging!... why are folks so bitter about bloggers? Knowing all we know about how powerful bloggers are, why would old skool media folks & people who aren't familiar w/ bloghung dislike & discredit them so much? I appreciate bloggers, blogging, everyone who uses blogosphere to get info, etc. Good day :)

song o the day: as i was getting off metro, heard a street performer playing my way which made me think about jay's version of it. so today there's a 2fer: there's my way (ole blue eyes version) & my way (jay z) ...the song actually starts 15 seconds in. i've gotta find a better way to post songs rather than using you tube all the time