Saturday, January 30, 2010

frggin hilarious

when i saw the title didn't think it would be that great, but these kids are grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! they're super cute & hilarious:

Friday, January 29, 2010

low production, high message?!

so once i saw this video on i HAD to steal. thought it was gonna be a simple task of malice reading scriptures, but no. it's sooo much more! omg it's so much more. soooooo it's kinda bootleg & looks like somethin an hu student would produce!

revenge (& acting) is bad, but i def appreciate the's so long

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hard balls don't see color!

i completely understand what he's saying, & the point he's trying to get across but it's neither the time or the place for this comments (or his hard balls) :)

in honor of chris i shall leave him w/ jeezy's my president's black. (sidenote: i was over this song at i heard it the 1st time...was doubly over it when they played it at every inauguration party i went to)

barefoot running vs "shod" running

interesting bc i noticed i trot on my tippy toes when i'm in thins shoes/shoes w/ lil to no support (ex. just went to the bank and while crossing the street i pretty much pranced across the street)...down side to barefoot/heel & forefront landing is possible calf and achilles injuries

whereas folks who wear shoes tend to land on their heels more, thankfully shoes have cushion to absorb some of the impact.

read bbc article here...

iPad (snicker snicker)

so all the techies are hype about this iPad situation (indirectly i was waiting for it to drop today too bc talk radio kept well, talking about it)... i still can't get over the name & the fact that 1Tampoon was trending soon after

considered itworth adding to the blog off of gp...and bc i wanted to start back up w/ my song o the days! which today happens to be kinda like a big deal

late addition: stole this vid from a blog but it made me chuckle so though i'd share

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

season 1...check!

finally made my way through season 1 of tng! (6 more to go) i'm trying to balance that and my new obsession for lupin the 3rd (need this show in my life, so i'll prob buy dvd set at some point).

the 2 trekkies i know keep telling me i don't have to see the series in order, but i've grown acustomed to the tng cast so i'm ok with sticking with them for a while...though no one beats tos cast :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Britain's Got Talent

diversity dance group= friggin awesome!...stopped watching after they're done dancing so dunno if that's a guy or girl with the hair but i'm VERY impressed with the flips and energy in that young 1! (note to self: start taking dance classes again)

the mouse

never heard of soupy sales, but apparently he's a big deal! (i reeeeeeeeally need to spend a day learning about old school stuffs). his voice is great & i like the simplicity of this dance...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

do you eat crap?...

forgot how i came across this vid but think it's amusing:

3 words: people of wal-mart

wowsers! thanks to cc i have a new site to go to if i want to see the definition of a trainwreck:

on a less tacky/stomach hurting note, thanks to melo i have a new happy site:
lateboots & vashtie

i'm done...back to work :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

new artist: hazel e

friend just told me a guy we know from howard appeared on bossip as having been in a homosexual relationship w/ a popular r&b singer (who's apparently bi)...

after reading that story i started looking around at their other stories and came across this video:

it's such a cutesy, pop-py song i had to learn more about this girl. she kinda looks like lala...and looks kinda old to be singing a song about valley girls but whatevs. she's gotta be like bbf's with
megan goode bc looking through pics of her megan goode is always around.

afterlistening to the songs on her myspace page i must say i'm intrigued & def wanna hear more. (operation download when i get back to va)

ny state of mind: shopping, hanging out & hungover dreams

saturday started off productive and ended...well....woke up crazy early. watched some zelda cartoons ("excuuuuuuuuuse me princess"). went back to bed. woke up ate left over Chinese food. yelped some thrifts stores so i could get a game plan for the day.

after jotting down some notes on pieces of paper i was off to thrift in the east village. hours (and a lot of money) later i arose successfully w/ the loot (coat, purse, 3 pairs of shoes, some shirts & sweaters)...of course i prob didn't need any of this stuff as i'm trying to clean OUT my closet by giving away a lot of clothes.

next it was off to meet friends that evening. we got to dallas bbq's place & it was paaaaacked. after a ridiculous wait & me having to check up on the reservation we sat. immediately orders drinks (please note the plural...a bad move considering i only had a 1/2 of grilled cheese and hand full of fries for retro a VERY bad move).

waiting crowd! the line to the women's bathroom reminded me of a club line

j & marcjack

smoe & i feeling the frozen margies...


(note to self: add pic of n. here)

the icing on the cake is the fact that my dreams were so crazy last night don't remember all, but 3 stand out:

(1) for some reason the meeting spot for abberant was at my folk's house in atl. 2 outta 4 guys were already there and i kept going on and on about how i refuse to order pizza bc we ALWAYS order pizza when we get together to play. they shrugged and said ok fine. needless to say we ordered greek food and i was pleased with myself!

(2) i like a song called no hoe bc the beat rocks. smoe doesn't like anything about the song, so every now & again i play it to annoy him. anywho so in 1 of my dreams me and him are at a street party/carnival type atmosphere somewhere in another country. at the end of one group's parade guess what song they start playing?? yep the d lo song. i go nuts bc it's weird that they would play this random song...i was pleased.

(3) lastly, the day after this street party. there was a headline in a newspaper "5 year old stressed from KFC ban kills"...basically a 5 year old girl was so stressed about her parents banning KFC from their home that she killed her dad, attempted to kill her mom then went to work and killed 2 coworkers, injuring 1. just before i woke up i was trying to figure out the sequence of the killing (i.e. as her mom waited in the driveway at their home, 5 yr old shot her dad shot her dad point blank and killed him. right outside of her job 5 yr old shots her mom in the head, dunno if her mom survived or not. she shoots and kills the 2 people with desks closest
to her cubicle and injures another).

honorably thing about this story (if there is such a thing) is that she didn't do the punk move of shooting others then shooting herself. she stood her ground and the cops came to pick her up. not sure if she were to be tried as an adult or child, but the article mentioned her lawyers were going to focus on the no-KFC-stress she was under and plead temporary insanity! when i woke up i was blown away by my imagination and tried to figure out where that even came from. i was also most shocked by the fact that a 5 yr old even had a job!

all in all saturday was great & i'm not drinking until japan (august).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

goofy thursday & twitter

started when i 1st got to work. guy on elevator said he liked my shoes (red chucks) & if i click them together i'd be in kansas! his jolliness totally caught me off guard, but was a nice break from the normal elevator silence.

next i go to make tea & see this eyesore. i knew soda in freezer was bad biz, but didn't realize they exploded like THIS. Receptionist was frantically cleaning it up, offered to help but she declined. as i was tweeting about it front desk chica (also on twitter, @whoGonChekCocoa) tweeted me late breaking news about the mop guy coming up.

thanks to npr heard
Dr. Ruth is to help boost D.C. tourism as new honorary secretary of depart of love & relationships (will be appointed today).

thought i was settled and done, until i saw
@creightonc tweet a story about an 8 yr old who CAN'T get off of US terror watch list. skimmed it, but it was hilariously sad. article here.

while still giggling about this i saw a tweet from cookie monster:

@sesamestreet Cookie Monster Recipe for cookie sandwich: take two cookies, and put cookie in between them. Garnish with sprig of parsley.

i'm officially DONE! turning off twitter for a lil and getting back to emails again

horror in haiti....

how/where to start picking up these pieces. this is nuts! think the stark image of it's version of the white house being in shambles is worth a 1,000 words...could you image having to go through this? some buildings were flattened. and apparently they spent a 2nd night sleeping in the streets. i'd be too nervous pervis to sleep after hearing some prisoners escaped!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pic is worth a milli words: gilbert arenas

changed my fbook profile pic bc this is such an awesome image to me. i heard about it & thought it was moreso funny than disrespectful (thankfully i'm not dave stern bc obviously my morals are in a diff place). this image says that he's joking around about the (not so minor) gun kerfuffle & his teammates get it...they think he's funny. apparently he's a huge joker/prankster (hence agent zero).

i dunno, the older i get the more cynical i get. NOTHING the common man and/or celebrities do surprises me anymore. everyone should chill out and see things with a clear head vs an immediate action/knee jerk reaction. whatevs, there are bigger fish to fry!

synthesizer patel & GERMS!

via twitter thanks to @symfonikz ....not sure why i was amused by this, prob bc it's old school & there's something about the host i like.

soon after watching that i found this video clip on germs. i was curious bc thought it was something i could add to our work youtube's not. it's more like a spoof of an old school educational clip. very funny & a must watch in my book...GERMS:

Monday, January 11, 2010

restaurant week dc!!

not a huge fan of going out to eat, so i do it as less as possible...i make up for my lack of dining out a few times a year...mainly during restaurant week...i.e. NOOOOOW!

for lunch went to potenza w/ coworkers. calamari was mediocre, but shrimp & fennel was really good. sorbet WOULD have been good, but we had to rush out to make it to the office by 2pm (lunch time check in)...we actually rushed about 2 spoonfuls into our mouths (very good).

off to acadiana acadiana was cool! went w/ smoe, friend from hs & her buds from state dept. had roasted sweet corn and blue crab soup for starters, then louisiana seafood gumbo. only had 1 spoonful then i was full (needless to say it'll be lunch). by the time my toasted almond creme brulee came around i was ready to go so ate a spoonful then gave it to smoe.

looking forward to our outings at the melting pot, which is the next stop on thursday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


so finally went to a dc defenestrators event!! (part of the capitol improv group)
talked smoe into going (he thought we were gonna get arrested) and we were off...

good turn out at pre-meeting. talked to one of the organizers and he said over 2,000 rsvp'd

for some reason a guy was in a pedobear costume was there

next we split into birth months to form groups then we were off. december only had like 6 people so i thought i'd do them a favor & join smoe's bday month

me pretending to read smoe's book. to the r is the (december) guide

me super happy to be w/o pants in metro! quite a liberating experience

a nudist we met who was REALLY hype to see so many folks come out w/ no pants. he handed out flyers for his events & kinda kept following us

smoe & i came...we saw....we de-pants :) only awkward part was when a (probably drunk) father yelled at our group "have you no shame? there are kids around here!" then proceed to yell at smoe: "you're not smart, just bc you're reading a book. you're not wearing pants so you're ignorant!"

Saturday, January 9, 2010


sooooo i've wanted an old school casio for a while. i came across 1 about 3 months ago at 1 of those we sell everything stores in a hispanic strip mall and haven't stopped thinking about it.

finally made the plunge and bought it today see...!! (side note: got the latest time in the mail so thought it would be an approp background)

cupid boy...

smoe thinks pedophiles are behind this brand...i don't necessarily agree but the packaging does make me a bit uncomfortable.


courtesy of smoe, found the next big song in 2010...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Teaberry Shuffle

kinda looks like a forefather of the scissor-leg, no?

happy new year!!

ok so i'm a tad bit late w/ this post buuuuut better late than never, right? j HATED my moomoo so thought i'd include a pic so the world can see it's not that bad. after pregaming at my place we make the trek to ozio...

j & melo are looking serious (seriously ready to party that is)!

though j called me atlas all nite i LOOOVE this dress (short story: wanted to buy it in miami, didn't have it in stores. called around to nyc, boston & philly sold out. they DUD have it in atl, so asked my big bro to pick it up for me)

smoe takes great pics...

kirk & celeste being a cute engaged couple...j being a drunk guy who crashes their pic!

after a loooooooong night of boozing & dancing j slept like a baby! i heart this guy!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

on to the next video...

b& w again like forever young. really random, but me likey...wish his wife could be as inventive w/ her visuals...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

antwuan dixon

(l: at 17, below: believe this is an old pic & he has even more tattoos)

baddest boy on 4 wheels...that would be a cool title to an op ed piece.

was on twitter & saw some guy w/ waaay to many tattoos on his face. 1 commenter had a name for the guy and said he was a famous skateboarder. googled him & indeed he is! grew up in "rough part" of la, but apparently is really talented and has a lot of sponsors...BUT he stays in and out of trouble (i.e. drug possession, fighting, rowdiness, etc).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

terra cotta warrior & i

checked out the super popular terra cotta exhibit at the national geographic museum & it was pretty cool...and got to end it by taking a pic w/ this guy who did a great job staying still as a warrior