Friday, September 26, 2008

macgyver, money & my life...

so yesterday after getting off work & fake rapping my lil heart out to "vans" i blew off a cbc happy hour i rsvp'd for and went home sweet home. to complete the compliment i got that am i received another one as i walked from metro to bobbi brown (my car). like 93% of compliments i get it was in 1 ear & out the other b/c i was tired...

once home i thought about working out, but decided to eat dinner 1st then relax for a little then run (bad idea)... after eating i realized the satellite signal was down so none of my channels worked (darn you comcast)! i was going to watch smoe's shin shan dvds but decided to watch my fav series: macgyver! as i'm trying to savor every second of viewing pleasure, i've been going uber slow through my macgyver seasons. i'm on season 3 rite now. last nite i had the pleasure of watching episode #55 entitled "kill zone". it started off great, b/c richard dean anderson (actor who plays mac) was in the opening scene!

as it unfolded i realized the episode took it's inspiration from the movie andromeda strain. the only reason i know that is b/c i just happened to see the movie over the weekend on demand... proof again that mac & i were meant to be! just think if i hadn't seen the movie i wouldn't have seen the many similarities in the episode, which made it even more enjoyable :) ok i digress from my nerdiness

so i'm still trying to wrap my head around this financial crisis situation we're in... this am i was reading my time in the gym & they did an awesome job in succinctly explaining what's going on. with this being said, if taxpayers are paying for wall street's excesses, think we need something other than a promise that we're keeping america strong... how about a holiday? to mark the day the hard working, everyday folks bailed companies out??... ok maybe that's not the most logical thing, but i just like getting days off :)

b/c i woke up uber early to work out i also had a chance to read some usaa booklet i got in the mail yesterday. in it they did a spread about myth busters, such as do owners of red cars pay higher insurance (no, not based on color, but if you have a little red corvette yes b/c it's a more expensive car); if you rent does the landlord cover your stuff if something happens to it (nope, but apparently renter's insurance is cheap, etc). one question was "i'm young, healthy, do i really have to worry about life insurance"... that caught my eye b/c it sounded like me. the response was "honestly, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. who will be available to cover your funeral costs" it was advised that the earlier you look into life insurance the better, as it gets more expensive in time. good to know as me dying wasn't even on my radar, point noted usaa...

songs of the day
thom yorke: eraser; i already knew radiohead was great, but thanks to my bro i discovered (late) the lead singer's solo efforts were good stuff too!

child rebel soldier (crs): us placers; awesome song & very cute video! also a pretty good verse from pharrell

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