Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fast Times at Ridgemont High, lights out at Bowie High & baggy pants?!

i want chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies... guess i'll just settle for my powdered jelly filled doughnut!

oh yes, despite my cravings i'm still training for the army 10-miler (countdown has begun to oct 5th)... in fact i just signed up for a race (10k dash for dads) this sunday to jolt my body into race mode!

last nite in an attempt to get serious about life i finally attended my pg running group run. it was pretty uncoordinated as 5k & 10k training programs are starting this weekend, so tuesday nite was a fun run around the track at bowie high school... shout out to my little cousin who goes there :)

as i talked to 1 of the coaches that was actually there he mentioned how they usually spend about an hour or so running around the track, then leave as there aren't any lights around there!!! what high school doesn't have lights around their track?? after it started getting dark i decided to run one more lap then go home, as i didn't feel like being snatched up! (i'm an adult, who has time to be kidnapped? i had plans to meet smoe later, plus i had to work today.)

once in my car and reunited with padgekins (my cell phone) i called my cousin and asked him the deal with no lights. he said yep, bowie is real bootleg and they (obviously) don't have any night games. he also said they just recently got ac installed into the school!... no educational pun intended, but i guess it's true you can't judge a book by it's cover as the school doesn't look too shabby from the outside...

with this being said, who wants to join me in a bake sale to raise monies to buy his school some lights???

lastly, where does good police work end and fashion police work begin? is it that much of an eyesore to see someone with baggy pants on, that cities need to take action? are there a rack of stats i'm overlooking which juxtaposes baggy pants to criminal acts?? i'm personally amused b/c they walk funny (i.e. saw a little boy sagging skinny jeans in smoe's neighborhood, it was hilarious b/c he walked like someone from the wild west)... i guess not everyone is a amused (or liberal) as i .... Baggy pants crackdown goes national

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