Sunday, September 14, 2008

my first blog post: wmata the worst

yeaaah! i've arrived!

i've been talking about creating a blog since this past monday. why monday? because i was stuck on the red line on metro and annoyed...then wednesday came and i was stuck on the train again do to residual delays... then friday came and yet again the metro was not running on schedule due to a "suspicous package". not sure how wmata matches up to other transportation systems around the country but this past week has been pretty awful... not as anti-metro as i was earlierthis week, but i still plan on writing a note to wmata asking why prices have gone up and service/track malfunctions have declined :(

ok enough venting. i'm off to get mexican food then to verizon center for mystics game... hopefully my buddy didn't leave me nose bleeds seats at will call!

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