Sunday, September 28, 2008

my neck, my back...

my neck, my back... ok more like my right knee & my back.... still sore. it's a beautiful day though so i'll limp and be happy.

sad to report i had a nightmare last nite! didn't know grown ups could still get these... if it makes it any better it was a grown up nightmare though. no, no it wasn't about me not getting a loan for school or my 401k & 1 cent being left in the retirement plan! it was about work though.

had a dream i was at a board meeting for work (i imagine this was december's) & i was presenting survey results when an associate starts freestyling! startled, trustees at the table turn around to find an audience sitting behind us! her rap had good, clean, informative lines b/c the board wasn't upset at all. next a friend of mine from high school gets in on the act & they're going back and forth as the board's eating it up, and i'm left stuck like "huh"? afterward the treasurer of our board comes over to me & says "see, that's what the board wants, to be entertained." i reply "um, that's great but i have 3 more items i want to cover. shall i report them or just write it into the minutes?" to this day i still don't know the answer b/c she made another comment then walked away and i woke up soon after. not sure what that means at all b/c don't have anything planned for monday, so wouldn't be stressed about work... before i went to bed was watching something on tv about fig wasps (nematodes look cool for half a second b/c they're clear but all in all they're disgusting).

random thought o' the day: why do off-brand lucky charms (think they're called magic stars or something) have like a 1:13 marshmallow to oat ratio?? think next time i'll pay more & buy the real thing :)

songs o' the day:

hotel california (eagles) ... regardless of what genre of music you're into think you can agree this song is great! maybe?
my neck (khia) ... raunchy? yes, very! but this song is timeless

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