Thursday, September 25, 2008

skipping my morning cup o' joe??

allow me to reintroduce myself ... ok not really, but that songs in my head b/c i was listening to jayz all am as i was working it out on the treadmill!! (yes, yes i was running at 6am as i have that 10k in 3 days... better late than never right??)

bbc world news is the best thing to watch in the am, until i discovered msnbc's morning joe! bbc news is still amazing, but morning joe (think it took imus' old spot?) had a good mix of news & "news you can't use" (random stories) to hold my attention...yes, hold my attention :)

willie is great, joe is joe (a neo-conservative?), but mika seems perturbed about something... you may remember her from the ripping up paris hilton story but it seems like for the past few weeks mika's been a bit angry... this am her & joe were going back and forth about if cbs and/or cbs news knew about mccain blowing off david letterman to do a katie couric interview the same afternoon. after working out i found their banter a bit much for the tired, happy state i was in. which brings me to the title of the blog, think i may watch the show like every other day, i can't deal w/ condescending comments so early in the am... plus i like the bbc reporter's accents better!

outside of that so far so good on this (chilly) thursday morn. after being stuck in random traffic i was rushing to metro, and was told i was "fine as all outdoors" so that's always nice... then ran into a buddy who liked my hair, but not bush or the cbc (congressional black caucus, not canadian broadcast channel for you slowskis). he said he's going to crash an event this week b/c he "doesn't respect them b/c no one's stood up against the bailout bill or even come before america to explain what the bailout would mean for everyday folks"... he's offbeat funny, an intelligent kid, just didn't realize he had a radical side... we went on to talk about motorcycles, bikes (he would never ride his bike outside of takoma park b/c he may run into someone he knows & be embarrassed), some kids he found for me to adopt, etc. the usual banter...

songs of the day:
santogold's "anne"
justice's "dance".... this song rocks!! if you have nothing else to do you should check out the video for their song stress b/c it's 35% entertaining, 65% disturbing but an all around great, creative music video (click here to see it)

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