Monday, September 22, 2008

love lockdown

i CAN NOT stop listening to kanye's love lockdown! is it just me or does that song rock?? maybe it's b/c i'm a beat-whore (i literally love any song w/ a good beat, lyrics could be garbage, but if the beats steady me likey)...

my monday was grrrrreat! started off late, no no not due to me but b/c of my bff wmata (see my 1st blog post). work was cool, monitored a lot of (dramatic) dialogue on our message board! plus finally got text for our newsletter off of my plate. speaking of plate, ate lunch w/ a friend from high school who's in town for state department stuff... made me realize i'm a bad friend b/c i keep in touch w/ like 4 people from high school! b/c i'm a bad friend i like to use the justification that when you have true friendship you don't have to speak everyday, week, month, even year :) but seriously i have friends i haven't spoken w/ in months but if i called them out of the blue (after a quick exchange of sarcastic grumbles) we'd chat like we just spoke last week! and that's what it's all about kids... knowing i'm bad at keeping in touch and not giving me crap when i actually do reach out per call/email/text/facebook/tweet, etc.

actually still at the office riiiiiiiiight now. guess i should get a jump start on my non-work life and leave soon... going home? i wish, def have a Kid Save meeting this evening at 7pm so won't be home until around 9ish...

click here to hear my song of the day: love lockdown

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