Sunday, February 21, 2010

new artist: little dragon

watchin a random video from nanette lepore's show during fashion week & stopped in my tracks from the song! after googling i found em...those little dragons!

their myspace for more music & their site for everything else

modern day fantasia?

ok maybe not, but a lot of weird elements..

TheHead / hand-drawn animated short from parquerama on Vimeo.

tracy morgan is insane

kinda wanna meet him to see how he REALLY acts..prob the same?!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

tell him i love him... bmore house


getting dressed & this music is making my day...note to self: get to bmore once it gets warmer YES!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

crochet 101

so in my stillness, i prefer NOT to be still. currently trying to crochet a bag...just need to get these basic stitches down then i'll be unstoppable!

Friday, February 12, 2010

operation: cupcakes

so i got the hankering for cupcakes (surprisingly not cheese)... unfortunately there's no curbside cupcakes here (or at least not to me knowledge)...

thanks to yelp i started my search for cupcakes in harlem (washington heights)...found some places, not too close. with this i decided to grin & bear. queshia b was going to MAKE cupcakes! went to corner store & bought mix, frosting...wait! no muffin pans?? so store didn't have muffin pans, smoe doesn't have muffin pans. looks like my cupcake craving just turned into CAKE craving.

i don't like having the lead role in baking (mixing) so i left that to smoe, i did prepare stuff to be mixed & took out pans & frosting & put it in oven though (i prefer the supporting roles)!...we cal this cake, blac man (pac man's black neighbor)

"Nintendo A Capella"


new artist: livvi franc

again not really "new", but new to me. as i was listening to omarion's speeding saw this chic that looked like ciara, so decided to click on her video & see what she sounded like...upon a closer look she doesn't look (or sound) like ciara & i like her

apparently, livvi has bajan heritage too, but more talented than rihanna as she sounds better & writes a lot (sorry for that unecessary low blow). here's her website

alexander mcqueen...

unfortunately, lee alexander mcqueen was found dead in his place far it's said to be suicide. there was a huge outpour on twitter. very sad in deed, but made me think of how when famous people die you think you know them...when we don't at all. (awesome article i read yesterday, learned a lot)

i know some of his fashions, but more so i know my bro wears him as i still have my bro's scarf ------------>

here's an album of a few of his designs


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

love him..scott mescudi

"They love a dooder, they love me I mean/ I can't believe how I had a dream of Martin King/ But they ain't takin' me out on no balcony"... here's an article from time out new york (didn't know he's gonna be in an hbo show. hmmm may need to get cable?!)

song o the day: cudi get

Friday, February 5, 2010

armadillo feet... i mean shoes

seen these shoes around, after reading this article i understand them a bit more. Still would NOT wear them as i think they'd leave me w/ armadillo feet :)

i appreaciate daily beast for shedding light on this fashion situation but aren't there bigger fish to fry in the world than a (super) limited pair of 10,000???? (reason #198 of why i'd never make it in fashion industry)

hipsters jerk

1 of my faaaaav dances so think it's hilarious when people make fun...

not sure why people make fun of "hipsters" so much, i think they're great. BUT i also don't see an issue w/ "hypebeasts" so may not be the best judge of diff social groups :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

google earth guys

dream jacket & no label watches

soooo it all started when @harperlhuit introduced me to lateboots a few months ago (or maybe like 2, don't remember)...while flipping through post i saw something & fell in love. nope wasn't a boy, but a beautiful beautiful thing!

the 1 & only brian wood killed the count varsity jacket!! no no it's not a new item, but new to me!
oh & there was also a limited edition (60) made fall 08...more info on that in this awesome blog post.

in other news, as i was searching for my jacket & came across no label watches. i heard of these last year when we were in miami & asked a guy what kind of watch he was wearing. he said, "ok, so this may sound funny but it's calle no label by who gives a fuck" friend and i chuckled then walked away from him bc we thought he was being sarcastic. until tonite! when i see the nice chap was telling the truth!

Monday, February 1, 2010

25 punched in ze face

via complex it was disturbing, yet i had to continue to scroll. as long as you're not squeamish, worth checking out this link to see crazy punches in the face!

uncensored drake, wayne, em performance

so it was really unnecessary for cbs to do rated Y edits bc they didn't say a lot of profanity...this is the #grammy performance that woke me up!

i heart kanye...shrug

i love this guy, think he's 1 of my fav artist these days: article made me smile