Sunday, March 28, 2010

i heart keith haring!

must buy a radiant baby shirt or somethin... #thatisall

new artist: sophia fresh

as i always say, maybe not "new new" but new to ME! how did i find them? was checking out music on, mainly that somehow teyanna taylor (my fav!) & kelly rowland had the same song lined up for their 1st singles... the post later mentioned a song called superbad that diamond & sophia fresh both did & produced videos for (the latter's video below).

like how hype they were in their video so i thought i'd explore more... i also appreciate when folks dance & don't do the i want to stand around in designer clothes and sell my sexiness angle. don't get me wrong they still are working the young pretty girl sexy angle but at least it's active (ok i'm biased bc i love dancing!) sophia fresh myspace. their official website is sensory overload w/ all the colors, but it's cute

grigory perelman

learned about this guy on friday via a random tweet i looked more into tweet by looking up some stories & he's def somethin!

thinking maybe there is a thin line between genius & mental instability (or disorders). life is very interesting...

Jean-Michel Basquiat

sooooo this am i JUST remembered i've wanted to see the '96 film about basquiat for years! did some super quick, basic research pre film watching (thanks wikipedia).

the talented always die extra young (& usually drugs are somewhere in the mix). he was only 27 when he died of a heroine overdose :(

pic on right is from an article in '85 ny time magazine. below is a clip of him & andy wharhol. i like how he doesn't really sit still & how he questions what's going on in the clip. one guy commented that he looks like kid cudi & i can see that!

UPDATE: ok so just saw the movie & i'm very impressed by jeffrey wright's performance (his range as an actor is craaaaazy!) also came across this old school (80s) vid of basquiat on some public access called tv party. very painful to watch bc really bootleg, but enjoyable

Glenn O'Brien interviewing Basquiat in the 80's

DJ MOJO | MySpace Video

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what's the word for equally amused & saddened??

have you ever seen something that's very sad, yet makes you chuckle?? yea saw 2 of those today:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

new artist: nujabes

def NOT a new artist, but friend posted his video on my facebook page so now i'm in the know!

of course smoe new him as he contributed heavily to samurai champloo. apparently nujabes JUST died from a car accident in late feb. here's his wiki page for more info & myspace for more music

cb4: classic clip

smoe just sent via skype! love cb4 & he reeeeeally likes this part. i concur:

new artist: black lips

again maybe not new new, but new to me.

was looking through my local resources to make sure i wasn't missing anything cool going on today. came across an old post about the black lips performing friday nite at black cat. i actuallu went to black cat on friday for a 90s party (didn't really shape up). if i only knew then what i knew now i woud've stayed and saw them perform :(

i really like these kids' sound!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

90s fashuuuuune

sooo googling 90s fashion to get inspiration for an outfit for 90s party on friday & came across this cute video:

song o the day: memories, barbara streisand OR the way we were

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RIP 1 of the best rappers ever

#RIPBig loooooooooooove him. sucks i will never see this legend (if i only went to hu a decade before)