Sunday, April 5, 2009

bite= rite & ms janet jackson!

after biting smoe's finger for fun, he showed me this video which further solidifies that biting is acceptable (and fun) for all ages :)

ok maybe i should stop playing around & downloading songs and get ready to church?? reasons not to:
- i'm VERY late
- i'm sore from dance class yesterday
- i was at church from 1:30-5:30 for an event i was volunteering for
- smoe's actually off today, so spend time/watch a movie we've been trying to see w/ him b4 my 2pm dance class
- i'm VERY late

reasons why:
- god would smile upon me!
- told a deacon after yesterday's event we should set up a table after service today & i'd print out flyers for it...

i'm the worst bc as i was typing i decided not to go... hopefully the deacon doesn't remember my suggestion :(

song o the day: control (janet jackson)...with all due respect, it's janet so i can't just link this song gotta show the vid... like most people who like dance i love janet (at all sizes, ages). her moves are always strong, yet feminine. enjoy!

in other news...i remember my bro's & i trying to learn many a dance routine growing up & this is one of them. i have the slide on knee w/ 1 arm move down packed but my chair work is still shaky! and please don't mention the rhythm nation routine! my bro's had it, but i didn't...i should attempt learning it again 1 day then bust it out the next holiday/time we're all together...

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