Wednesday, April 15, 2009

love stinks

Typing this on my way home from work as I listen to drake's brand new (i've been listenin to this song back to back for the past 4 days)...0its really sickening when I get a song in my head bc I listen to it as often as possible

Anywho, per my title l-o-v-e is for the birds!! love stinks (this video rocks). Who has time 2 care & wanna be around someone all the time?? Putting someone else before yourself... Bah humbug!

smoe is killin me! Or as he puts it, 'melting the ice queen'... He sent me a DLN (daily love note) earlier this week at work & I was like tearing up (used to be a heartbreaker in my hay day, i'm gettin softer as I get older!) he hasn't sent me a DLN since I came back from Brazil so it was a surprise, plus it was a quote from lions & tigers & bears (an amazing song, love the lyrics)

Knowing he was leaving for NYC today for grad school prep stuff & work stuff I've been on edge all week. Yea yea yea I know he's only gonna be gone until tomorrow pm, but its like getting a taste of how life's gonna be when he starts school in the fall & I don't like it :(

2 words: not cool

Song o the day: every girl (wayne, drake, gudda, mack maine & jae millz) ... think some girls should remix this song (girls like lil kim, trina, etc)

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