Saturday, April 11, 2009

cherry blast goes boom!

so i was heated last nite bc i REALLY wanted to go to "cherry blast". pretty much like a pre-wrap up to cherry blossom festival complete w/ anime films, food, techno music (woohoo), etc all in a warehouse in anacostia, se....

in the middle of watching the labyrinth, i decided it'll be a good idea to take an hour nap, wake up then head out to the festivities (bad idea)... i woke up every hour (kept hitting snooze). mumbled some question to smoe then went back to bed. i remember picking up my phone from an angry friend caller who was disappointed that i was sleeping at 9pm on a friday when a friend of ours was in from outta town (sowwy)...

when i woke up crazy early this am, i was no longer heated bc at least i got to rest... i'll find another cool techno party to go to... 1 daaaaaaay!

song o the day: dance magic dance (david bowie)... so i know the beginning of this song b/c my bro's used to say this, but never knew/remembered it was from this movie...there's still a 50% chance i never saw labyrinth when growing up, but i've heard so much about it that it seems as if i have. oh, well one thing's for sure when i finish it today i'll consider it as viewed. is it just me or is david bowie's outfit hot?! (if the sleeves weren't so puffy i'd def wear it)

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