Monday, April 20, 2009

great day... monday

So I have a friggin new lease on life!! Ive had a productive weekend & per some changes that were made I'm happier w/ work. Lookin forward to gettin down to biz at work.... Its crazy how someone can effect your mood, productivity, even health w/o you noticing!

Much better now :)

In other news weekend recap:
Fri- decided not to go out (though I already planned to & got dressed for the occasion). Ended up drinkin & watchin snakes on a plane (bc smoe & I keeps it classy)

Sat- volunteered w/ my kiddies, passed a yard sale at Haynes middle school (new charter school in DC). Bought junk I didn't need 2 help the did more random shoppin at this place called glad rags that closing down (everything was 75% off, from clothes to accessories to store displays).... So again bought more stuff I didn't need including a large shoe shaped basket. Went to friends house to watch star trek movie, then a get together where smoe was called hot, then had to go to jaspers at like 1am to meet up w/ one of my fav guys who's in town.

Sun- went to church (looked anorexic compared to Easter's service). Then went to help smoe prepare for a cookout/ character creation session. I MADE POTATOE SALAD FROM SCRATCH!! It wasn't that hard bc potatoes were already done so I just mixed all ingredients... Next folks came over, beer was drunk & characters were picked for dungeons & dragons. Next we were hipped to a new role playing game called abberrant. I was the most novice person in the group (never played a rpg, come to think of it the last game I played was like tekken or grand theft auto). But abberant wasn't as tedious as d&d, so we'll see how my ventures into rpg go...

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