Monday, April 13, 2009

new artist: d-r-a-k-e, drake, drizzy!

omg i've been listening to drake for the past 2 nights & he's grrrreat! i've tweeted about him & wrote about him on my facebook, so eventually a blog post had to come :)

he's come a long way since cute lil jimmy brooks from degrassi in a wheelchair... possibly the most talented actor turned rapper/singer!! i'm not a r&b fan, but his songs are the perfect mix of sweet, sexy, & lyrically sound. i like the way he sings, the way he raps, the way he looks... guess it's safe to say i'm a fan! (my cousin thinks i like him bc he looks like smoe, but that's not true they're just the same complexion)...

best of all he's like a protege to the love of my life (wayne) so they have A LOT of songs together. lastly, he was born in toronto, so 'nuff said (people always crap on canada, but they've given us good stuff good people)... anywho, here are a few good introductory songs:

in other other news, my janet jackon is growin up (tear, tear)... i'll explain in another post on another nite (maybe not)

** side note: andreena mill (also born in toronto) is pretty good too...again not a huge fan of r&b so i can only listen to so much, but worth checkin out

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