Monday, April 27, 2009

r smelly is the wooooooooooooooooorst!

so already NOT a fan of r kelly...personally, think he should be in jail for pedophilia or somethin, BUT also don't appreciate how he's like a classically trained singer and could do a whole lot better than the r&b hooks and trashy-lyriced songs he puts out.

when friends showed me this video i swear i thoought it was fake, but apparently it's a real song called REAL TALK (go figure). a must see for those who aren't r smelly fans and think his music is bogus... best part is at the very end of the video. enjoy!

wowsers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smoe just told me about the fact that r smelly did like a mini movie for his "trap in the closet" songs, they're soooooo ridiculous so i must....i must post....i must post THEM ALLLLL! (can't believe my boy "omar" from the wire is in this crap!)

trapped in the closet part 1-5:

part 6:

part 7:

part 8:

click here for part 9 (embedding is disabled)

part 10:

part 11:

part 12:

part 13-14:

part 15:

.... hang in there, almost over

part 16:

part 17

part 18

part 19- 20:

part 21:

part 22:

click here to view the last one, part 23

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