Wednesday, April 8, 2009

gordon brown & hair short

this video is hilarious bc gordon brown's body language REALLY looks like he's going towards the guy, then completely changes his mind:

smoe and i always think of lil shorts/skits we could do that'll be funny (at least to us)... this am i thought about a hair short. it'd be like a horror which entails pieces/strands of hair that haunt this one kid. eventually, the climax of the movie will be a big afro or something thats waiting for him/her in his/her room... in order to defeat it, the kids will have to use hair products (i.e. put holding spray or a relaxer on it to paralyze it), find it's split ends & cut em, ect.... ok seemed like a good idea this am when i was doing my hair.

ok, back to watchin 1st contact (not familiar with next generation so gotta pay attention)...sometimes a girl just feels like typing in purple ya know?

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