Wednesday, April 1, 2009

why so bitter about bloggers??

In the words of the late great heath ledger via the joker: WHY SO SERIOUS??

Was listening to morning joe this am as I was getting dressed. I used to WATCH it, but mika is annoying, the other talking heads are ok. willie geist is great & still fun to watch... & here's where my story begins. Mika just reported about the conflicker virus & Willie asks 'who sits around & makes viruses, they need a hobby' mike barnicle replies bloggers! he goes on to say they sit at home & make viruses 2 crash computers when they're not blogging!... why are folks so bitter about bloggers? Knowing all we know about how powerful bloggers are, why would old skool media folks & people who aren't familiar w/ bloghung dislike & discredit them so much? I appreciate bloggers, blogging, everyone who uses blogosphere to get info, etc. Good day :)

song o the day: as i was getting off metro, heard a street performer playing my way which made me think about jay's version of it. so today there's a 2fer: there's my way (ole blue eyes version) & my way (jay z) ...the song actually starts 15 seconds in. i've gotta find a better way to post songs rather than using you tube all the time

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