Friday, April 3, 2009

the worst movie EVEEEEEER!

thanks to smoe's best friend's girlfriend he was put on to an awful movie called "the room". it's written, directed, produced & starring Tommy Wiseau.... the screenplay was adapted from his novel & soon to be taken to broadway?! ("the room" on broadway would be nuts)

...if you haven't seen it PLEEEEEEEZ go download it immediately! we spent the whole movie talking through it & cracking jokes a la mystery science theater style! the acting is garbage, the actors are unattractive, the storyline doesn't make sense, the sex scenes are VERY painful to watch (fyi fellas there's a nipple or 2 shown in the movie), and hard to follow simple dialogue!...with all this said, again i RECOMMEND watching it b/c it's a movie unlike any other... it'll def blow your mind!

courtesy of smoe's blog (the last blog on the left) i stole this video from him which features the 1 and only tommy wiseau on the tim & eric awesome show, great job! (this clip is weird & random just like i like em)

another stinky movie smoe made me watch 2 nites ago was called monkey shines... if you haven't seen THIS movie, i encourage you to! it's a better script & think these folks are real actors. it's from '88 (gotta love those 80s)... but it's complete w/ monkey drugs, the cutest attempted murder scene ever, a brief monkey-man make out scene, some killing & an annoying bird... i told smoe he's 2 for 2, now i need another crappy movie to watch to keep the rotation going. any suggestions??

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