Friday, June 26, 2009

t.g.i.f.... & the faces

long day at work, but rewarding: broke up my day by going to see boys & girls club kids to their final post camp performance (THOSE KIDS HAD SOOOOO MUCH TALENT)! almost like teared up bc a lot of them wouldn't have had the opportunity if it weren't for b&g club & their performance arts camp! was still at work around 6:30 when a parent we work with from cali gave me a call. she was shocked i was still at work, but we spoke about her son (died from inhalant abuse) and what she's gonna write for our news blog, pic to include for new site, etc. lastly before i left out i scanned all of our contest entries for our baseball summer project. they ranged from "i didn't try at all-pencil sketches" to "not your average super hero, well thought out images and ta lines" to "i'm gonna be super high-tech and draw a hero w/ computer graphics"! all in all summer programs taught me kids=good, fun projects! on my way home roomie & friend told me we're all on the same page so we're gonna tell the folks we want to rent their va :( all the crap i talk about va it seems

oh so happy to be home!!! sipping on champagne, watching smoe cook veggie sloppy joes. not "cooking" be it was my idea, plus i'm in charge of drinking, i mean buying the beverage of choice, and the tatter tots! sloppy joes would be NOTHING w/o the tater tots. :) i'm a lil iffy bc he's using a recipe that calls for ground beef when i have veggie chorizo (side note: i love you trader joes for supplying affordable, tasty soy-based meat alternatives. namely your veggie chorizo)

with that i end this post & put together my to do list for tomorrow (which is actually my main reason for blogging):

- get clothes outta cleaners
- buy a dress for masquarade ball
- buy a dress for ceremony??
- buy tix to ct
- pack for dallas
- write intro speech for ceremony
- stop by bbq??
- go to artomatic??
- go into work to tie up loose ends for next week

...hmmm those are the 1st things that popped into my mind, so i'll focus on those 9 for starters, i'm sure SOMETHIN else will pop up tomorrow as saturdays are by far my busiest days :)

song o day: maybe i'm amazed (the faces)... so i tried to google the lyrics to this rock song that i always hear on dc101 & this song came up. the name of the group drew me in, and rod stewart was the factor that made me decide to include it as my song o the rock so it was a good choice!

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