Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Debbie does Dallas, I do not!

As I tweeted last nite: I'm so over Dallas! My fed ex package JUST now came. I mailed it out June 24th, 2day delivery, Saturday delivery was checked. Not only did we waste money doing a 2day delivery, but I've wasted precious exhibiting time! Yesterday I was honestly ashamed to sit at my booth empty handed... There's no way to describe the look of another exhibitor as he/she stares at you bringing nothin to the conference! To escape the nonverbal ridicule and pity looks of others I ducked into the counselor's sessions. This was actually cool bc I sat in on a session about effects of excessive video game play on kids & another about reaching out to boys. Video game 1 wasn't too great as I was slightly offended by 1 comment & didn't think they explored the topic enough. Their last slide of 'parents beware' made me want to check out the super graphic/violent games. The one about reaching out to boys was great!

Bright spot of yesterday was I had free time to be a tourist so checked out 6th floor museum & hung out with my 'bro' & went shopping at buffalo exchange!!! shopping was prob not a good idea as I'm supposed to be saving money & I'm moving so I wanna get rid of my clothes.... But it was oh, so worth it!

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