Thursday, June 11, 2009

liiiiiiiiive from the bolt bus!!

soooooo on the bolt bus w/ smoe & well, it's a bus... everyone talked it up sooo much like "it's so clean" & "there's wifi" & " did i mention how clean it is"! yes yes it is prettaaaay, prettaaaay clean to be a public transit bus goin to & from ny compared to others (mainly the old cult classic of "the chinatown bus").

i feel like i need to stretch though...still got 2.5 hours to go. thankfully i have my handy dandy ipod, gum & mags. smoe has his handy dandy netbook & school curriculumn stuffs to read... he's reading/writing now which is why i'm raping this netbook now (not just using, at this point i'm straight taking advantage of it)!
below is a dreadful pic of me & smoe on the bus... i promise my forehead is NOT that oily right now, honest!

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