Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manifested Glory Ministries' gay exorcisms?!

read about this in the express this am and thought it was shocking!... after reading the article and seeing that the church, manifested glory ministries was in CT i stereotyped that it was a closed minded, white, religious fanatic type church...and i was mostly right except it's a black church.

now that i think about it isn't really surprising as the main voice against dc council's bill to recognize gay marriage is from black church leaders...

poor little boy! isn't it already tough enough being a gay, black, 16 year old boy without having to worry about your CHURCH saying the devil is in you bc you feel a certain way and laying hands on you?! so absurd, but here's a snippet of the video. think the real one is 20 minutes long (apparently the church put it up on you tube themselves, but recently took it down)

for more info, AP story here & LA Times story here

song o the day: the boss (james brown)... who DOESN'T like james brown??? i'm biased though bc my dad LOVES him, so naturally i have an affinity for him. for you youngins, this sounds familiar bc nas sampled it in "get down" (also a great song)... random but i wonder what THE most sampled song is??

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CalexanderHamps said...

It would really please me if a demon did fly up out of the boy and everyone just got really quiet. On the way out, it would stop and turn around and say, "You are guys are dicks," then just walk out.

With everyone all quiet, the boy gets up, dusts himself off, pauses for a moment, and then, as if he expected it, says to himself, "yep... still gay."