Sunday, June 28, 2009

loooooong day... then Dallas!

So went to my 1st cabaret last nite in capitol heights. It was cool, pretty much like a mid 20s to 30s types club/gogo but w/ more tables set up & a byob policy.

After we got home I cleaned kitchen & went to bed at 4:30, only to wake up at 8ish...went into work to handle last minute things then home where I finally started packing- like an hour before my plane left! Through my super last minute packing & traffic on bwi, was able to make it & check in (darn you airtran for charging $15 for 1 check in bag)...

Once I got to Dallas I accidentally went to the wrong hyatt regency so ended up retracing sepa back to airport to he a shuttle to downtown hyatt. The guy tried to overcharge me, so I confronted him & he backed down in fact that right before he dropped me off he asked me out to a seafood dinner! I said no bc I was here for work so that's what I'm focused on!

Weird that this hotel doesn't have BET. Normally I wouldn't care but the awards came on tonite. I'm happy I finished the 1st disk of season 4 of macgyver, started on plane. Maybe its bc I'm watching it on my laptop as opposed 2 tv bus DVD player, but just noticed the acting is not that great. Well, rda is AMAZING, but supporting & guest stars not so much, except Jason priestly. My thumbs are tired of blogging via phone so I shall go to bed now.

Song o the day: November 18 (drake)... This song is like a lays potatoe chip, I can't listen to it just once! Usually 2-3 times in a row.

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