Tuesday, June 2, 2009

pad pouch

can some one pleeeez invent a pad pouch?? or something else that discreetly holds pads?

just saying i'm tired of hiding pads in a pocket and/or in my clothes when i need to change in the bathroom at work! (...and it doesn't make sense for me to bring my hug purse just to go to the bathroom)

with all this said, if it was that serious guess i could just use a flattened fanny pack...or a wristlet...but those don't sound as good as "PAD POUCH"!

song or the day: ego remix (b ft kanye) why oh why is kanye sooo great? this song is so cool it makes me wish i had a bigger ego so i could sing it and mean it :)

1 comment:

Eklektos said...

They have fanny pack hats...maybe you could pad your pad in that...Arlean thinks your blog is funny! What if you bought a bigger wallet with a space down at the bottom? Just wondering...