Monday, October 13, 2008

weekend in review...

fri- after going home & scarfing down dinner in like 5 minutes i was back out. original plans were to go to josephine lounge for a friend's bday. instead we went to lima (good mixed crowd, good techno music, good mojitos w/ a twist). next i get the text that the celebration's been moved from josephine's to modern (don't think they have a website). i used to go to modern quite frequently, prob b/c i used to work in georgetown... i forgot how fun it was. i had a great time & got to see some of my boys i haven't seen in months! best part: 1st time i heard kanye's love lockdown when out! (fyi here's the love lockdown vid).

sat-my rambunctious lil cousin came over in the afternoon! ok, she's 20 but she'll always be my lil cousin, plus we're always loud & giggly when we get together (with a sprinkle of rudeness & a splash of disrespect for anyone in our path we don't know). we went to bmore to the blacks in wax (BLACKS, BLACKS, BLACKS, BLACKS..IN.......WAAAAAAAAAX), inside joke, as we're always singing or making up songs about a person, place or situation. the museum was really cool & think all kids in dmv should make a trip there it just needs to be updated (i.e. kwesi is no long pres/ceo of naacp). it was also very very very stuffy... prob why my throat is scratchy today.

next we went to a spot call the crackpot. name? sucks. food? grrreat! after that i drowsily drove home. she took a nap, i returned some calls then we were off again as i took her to love... though it was 18 & up these kids were def dressed to impress. me? no. partially b/c i didn't really feel like going & partially b/c didn't wanna waste an outfit :) all in all good day/nite felt accomplished, except for the fact that i forgot to get my dry cleaning...

sun- shrinking violet came into town again. so ofcourse the ritual was thrifting. to further acclimate her w/ black people smoe & 1 of my girl's came (ok, ok, so smoe wanted to hang out /w us anyway & my friend's been trying to look for vintage stuff for months, so it was a good opportunity to kill a lot of birds w/ 1 stone)- random, but that's quite a graphic expression!

guess when i go to the cleaners for a pickup, i'll drop off my new stuff- an endless vicious cycle :)

song o the day:
oye como va (carlos santana) ... think this is before he started designing shoes :)
also, it's the most wonderful time of the year (andy williams) ... i'll explain in next post (tee hee)

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