Friday, October 10, 2008

do it yourself suicide workshop & online shopping?

is it just me or are these the baddest (in a good way) shoes ever? i love the laces & pink & black part... hence why nike remains my fav shoe company (i do love my chucks & vans but nike's so innovative)..

from shoes to "for shame"- this am i heard something which made me realize (as i do about every 10min) how strange the world really is! so there's an australian dr named philip nitschke. my point? his nickname is dr death and he's the founder of a pro-euthanasia group called exit. apparently he's hosting his first do-it-yourself suicide workshop (that just made my tummy hurt... the equivalence of normal folks getting a chill down their spine) in the UK... as is imaginable, not everyone is down w/ this death 101 course

from death to dinner- last nite went to madam's organ w/ a buddy of mine & it was great! we ate on the rooftop, but as we walked up the narrow wooden stair cases we passed... (are you ready for this)... a lady doing karaoke to prince!!! i don't think i've ever done karaoke, but that's change next thursday!! plus it was lady's nite so chics got in for free (this obviously made mi amigo happy as well)! we talked about the debates, guacamole, catfish, running, the correct way to say red wine en espanol (vino tinto) & eventually we got to attraction between men & women. after trying to convince me that my mentor would most likely get at me if he had a chance, i shook my head & said he's know me since 10 (or 11th) grade, he doesn't see me like that; "... yea, and you're a woman now" he replied... this back & forth lasted for a while until i changed the subject. now this is going to be in the back of my mind as i meet up w/ my mentor & his wife later on this month...

from attraction to npr- random, but i think the term i just heard on npr, "how financial crisis moves from wall street to your street", is much much better than the "main street" metaphor others use. has anyone ever apologized to us?? i know it may not mean much to most who are struggling w/ funds, but for me if bush, paulson, pelosi, bernanke even greenspan came out & apologized to the american people about other american people not having their crap together i'd feel like i'm not being completed taken advantage of! it's like at least they got my last name/took me out to medieval times before they took me home and tried to screw me! (side note: was going to reference hank's oyster bar but i already went there, so medieval times is the next spot on our going out list)...

from food to the weekend- looking forward to my weekend b/c it's only been 2 weekends, but it feels like i haven't partied in months!!! kinda wanna check out bmore to see what's going on over there, but we'll see how i feel about making that trek tomorrow

lastly, in addition to going out i'm going to shop online! what happened to the days of the delia's or alloy catalogs?? i can count on 1 hand how many times i've ordered apparel from the internet (last time was this tshirt). i was all about it since i saw it at the rock the bells concert (it's so 90s), but apparently no one else liked it as much! my roomate dared me to wear it somewhere where there'd be a lot of rowdy guys & see what happens, i'll pause on that... it's also a line in a nas song, which i think is prettay prettay cool! but again i reallly think i'm the only 1 who loves this shirt...

anywho, so def not a fan of online shopping bc i thrift so it's part of the fun going to a store & finding something worthwhile. but i wanna check out (& support) my friend's murai.vintage & eclectiques site.

wow! just heard the original (x rated) a clockwork orange is on dvd. per my bro's suggestion, i saw it a while ago & every time i hear "singing in the rain" i get flashbacks :)

song o the day:
dragostea din tei (o zone) ... wait like 50 seconds for song to start & it's cool. made more popular by that stupid "numa numa" you tube video & probably by t.i.'s new single (rihanna's great)

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