Wednesday, October 1, 2008

laugh now, cry later... the daily show

laugh now, cry later, not just a tattoo on an ex's arm but a relevant phrase. courtesy of ED, just got the following clip from the daily show about black women's butts! ok ok false advert, the whoooole thing isn't about the tuckus, it's a clip discussing mccain & obama in an old folks home. at 3 min & 40 sec a woman makes a comment about michelle obama's butt being big, and the guy's like don't all black women have big butts to which the lady replies "depends on which tribe they're from"! it's kinda funny, but very very sad. check it out here

argh, i feel blah today. maybe waking up early to work out isn't good for me... ok just looking for a way to get out of that routine, i prob feel frazzled b/c i need to take a break from everything/everybody & try to relax. plus feels weird to be w/o my padgekins (cell phone)...

random, but just heard the risk of being in a car crash goes up on election day, so choose to vote not die & drive safely kids!!!

song o the day:
love of my life (erykah badu ... pretty song, grrrreat video.
you got me (roots feat erykah) ... such a classic song! love questlove's drum semi-solo towards the end.

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