Wednesday, October 1, 2008

joe 6pack & the media cycle

am i a nerd b/c i was literally glued to the tv watchin live covered of the senate on cspan?? yea, probably but don't judge me :)

after almost falling asleep, decided to go pay the landlord. he franchises a robecks up the street from our apt, so very convenient; plus i loooove smoothies (2nd fav beverage, after water) so it's great when he makes me a free 1... when i told him it was good chattin w/ him but must get back to watch the news b/c senate approved $700 bill (no longer called a bail out, but a "rescue plan"). he then shook his head & said politics is politics and it's not going to benefit "us" anyway, i agreed, but was tempted to (jokingly) say that palin claims she's here for the average joe 6 packs, so maybe hope isn't lost for "us"... heard some commentator say at the rate the economy's going joe 6 pack may only be able to afford 3, ha!

after switching back & forth from msnbc to fox (i like the differing biases)... a lot of speculation about palin's performance tomorrow nite & showing (good) clips of debates she had running for gov & (not so good) clips from katie couric interview- i.e. she couldn't name a supreme court ruling she disagreed w/; she reads every paper ever; she'll be back right after these messages w/ examples of her running; lastly & possibly most appalling she'd "counsel" girls who are victims of rape and/or incest to choose life, that just doesn't make since to me...

in other news, watchin comedy central now & realized a new season of south park comes on next wednesday!! when did the colbert report get so funny?? if you saw it tonite you'd get the following hilarious quotes: "campbell's gonna make me mmm mmm rich!"; "sarah palin gutted joe biden & wore him like a pants suit"; "one nation under gay-baby"

lastly, for the the 1st time in vibe's history (15 yrs) they're endorsing a candidate: john mccain, ha! jkjk they endorsed obama... ok enough blogging. off to go look over a powerpoint for work. yeaaaaaa for presentations?! surprisingly yea b/c i like practicing my public speaking in front of different audiences. goodnite & goodluck :)

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