Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my big (little) day off!!!

woo hoo! so it's 6ish & i've been off all day!!! just needed to take a "me day" to center myself & try this foreign concept called "relaxation"... stayed late at work yesterday to ensure i'd check my work email as less as possible today...after work got a good talking to on the way home from smoe b/c didn't feel like going to his folk's house to celebrate his daddy's birth... but guess i should have clearly stated the reason i didn't feel like going so he wouldnt've assume i didn't wanna be bothered w/ his folks. we talked it out & all is well... i also caught up w/ some friends i haven't spoken w/ in a while so that was cool (the fact that my phone hasn't konked out in days!)...

i woke up around 7:51am (yea yea the 1st thing i do when i wake up is turn on the news so saw the time). turned around & became jealous b/c smoe looked too peaceful so i started talking to him to wake him up :) (yea yea i'm a jerk)... checked my work email then looked up airline prices, as i was thinkin about going to atl for a friend's baby shower. after watchin a lil tv (mostly saved by the bell & fresh prince) i decided to kick in the productive part of my day off! went through some clothes & picked out what needed to be dry cleaned & what needed to be altered, then we went to the cleaners. the old lady who usually does my alterations said i had beautiful skirts/dresses, yet commented every time i lifted up the bottom to let her know i wanted it to be shorter! "are you sure? this is going to be short" she'd say; "i know" i'd reply as she proceeded to safety pin it up & mark it w/ chalk... my fav piece is a tex mex themed moomoo i bought (you guessed it) from a thrift store over the summer- don't judge me b/c my wardrobe rotation's so great it takes a while to incorporate new clothes : ) it's like easter green shapeless, but has a super colorful collar area. my vision for it is a baby doll dress, so we'll see how it comes out next week when i get alterations back (if i remember i'll take a pic)...

while i was in the back trying on clothes, smoe was across the street waiting for our food from the diner. he then started blowing up my phone bc he didn't see me in the cleaners & saw my car was abandoned & saw a condom in the parking lot so thought the worst... probably something in the neighborhood of kidnapping & rape (oh that smoe & his creative thinking, did most english majors have such thinking??)... i eventually called him back & told him to chill out as i'm in good hands w/ the little old alterations lady! we went home & watched little china, big trouble. kim cattrall looks the exact same! i imagine she's had work done b/c that's absurd for her to age so well... after that we went to sleep again. thus kicking in the relaxation part of the day (does sleep count as relaxing??) smoe had to go to his spanish class (brushing up on it for grad school). i was trying to catch up w/ a friend who's in town but he's staying at the mandarin oriental hotel which is in sw, dc so in addition to traffic, don't feel like looking for parking... we agreed to do lunch & /or happy hour tomorrow.

i'm about to kick in the proactive part of my day & go downstairs to run... speaking of which forgot to do a post, post army 10 miler (stay tuned)

song of the day:
school's out for summer (alice cooper) ... yeaaaaaaaah! this is what my day felt like :)

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