Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ne me quitte pas

i had a case of the mondays today :( partially b/c i had yesterday off so it felt like a monday & partially bc i was tired/grumpy... highlights of my day included: seeing our revamped website go live, launching our island on second life, sending out a multimedia press release (wonder how big web numbers are gonna increase), hearing a coworker page "mr mcdreamy" after accidentally hitting the page button (which carries it on speaker phone around the office), shedding lite on the "do white people's hair smell like wet dog when wet" stereotype, laughing at the fall intern's tough stand on recycle bins & parking spaces in her neighborhood... also eating at my desk. let it be known i looooove trail mix, chex mix, pretty much all mixes; maybe it was b/c i was hungry or maybe i've possibly found the best mix eveeeeer: utz poker (club) mix!!! find it buy it eat it!!

just got off the phone w/ mrs. smoe to let her know smoe left his phone over here, she said he realized it sometime this am. now my options are: (a) drop it off to him at work (b) drive to his house now & drop it off there (c) wait until he gets off & he can come over here to pick it up... think i'll go w/ (d) roll over & continue to eat candy & watch hardball b/c it's not my phone or problemo :)

is it just me or is chris mathews much more frazzled these days than he used to be?? he's always cutting folks off , talking over them for minutes at a time & tripping over his words. i'm always drained by the end of his show (thankfully, i'm rarely home early enough to see all of it), actually these days i'm drained after watching most msnbc shows (except olbermann)! random, but rep cummings (md!) looks like he hasn't gotten sleep in years!!
on top of everything else, i have a rack of imitation crab meat from our sushi project last week! lookin for a good recipe to use it up before it goes bad...

songs o the day:
as the title suggest it's: ne me quitte pas (jacques brel); an amazing song & i appreciate him for creating such a beautiful song, but...

think i like nina's version a lil bit more though: ne me quitte pas (nina simone)

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