Thursday, October 9, 2008

d-o-m-o... domo!!

so it all started last year when i was in chicago for mid-year meetings for work. after our board meeting i walked around the lovely place that is downtown chicago!! saw some cool stores, 1 of which was urban; uban outfitter that is, i like to shorten popular retail spots, i.e. "banana" instead of banana republic, "bloomies" instead of bloomingdales, "gap" instead of well you get the idea :). (sorry about that huge tangent, back on track) so walked in & looked around (ended up buying a super cute peach colored dress w/ ruffles)... as i was looking around i saw this brown square thing... later i will come to call it domo!!!

it caught my eye bc all the other toys in urban were a bit more complex & this was a simple adorable square. it also caught my eye b/c i'm a fat girl & it looked like a hunk of chocolate, or a double fudge brownie, or a (fat) chocolate graham cracker, or a chocolate marshmallow, etc... in actuality he's none of the aforementioned, but the mascot of Japan's NHK television station. he's a mysterious creature hatched from an egg, who loves to watch tv & daydream. apparently you have to be careful not to disturb him b/c "he sometimes farts when he's upset"!!! (side note- found a domo nation site which was cool until i saw a political advert at the bottom of the page...just doesn't seem like a banner ad would be a smart buy for either party, but may there's something i don't know about the members of domo nation, swing voters? independents?)...
after checkin out domo's wikipedia page, i learned that nickelodeon began airing domo shorts in early 2008. have you seen any?? don't watch nick anymore, but now i will now :), wonder if the animated shorts are on demand?... also, apparently tarjay (target) is using him this year for halloween promos!!! i shall run to my neighborhood tarjay sometime this weekend to check it out (i want a huge stuffed domo, like the width of a twin mattress)! omg i wonder if they have domo costumes for halloween?? it'd probably be hot! not sure if we'll be dancing on halloween, but suit doesn't seem like it has much movement & it seems hot

song o the day:

mr roboto (styx).... maybe it's me bc i'm such an 80s baby but this song rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocks!!! & the composition is great, a fine piece of mucsic. watch the video, it's quite an experience, like a mini play!! ok maybe i'm "cisin" this too much but it's an awesome song/video!

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