Tuesday, October 7, 2008

army 10-miler recap

so this past sunday was the army 10 miler!! my folks were staying at a hotel in dc, so wanted to spend the nite w/ them so i could commute w/ my dad...
but earlier we were at my mom's friend's house, then i dropped them off at the hotel where smoe met us. by the time smoe & i got back to my apt i was tired & told him to wake me up in 30min so i could take a nap (bad idea)... i woke up at 1am, then 3am, then 5:22am , then 6:12 (originally told my dad i'd meet him at metro at 6:30, clearly plans had to be changed)... told smoe not to drive me to pentagon as they start closing streets off early. hopped on metro (along w/ most of the 26,000 other runners) & was off. this year the water didn't run out (last year it was short around mile 6 or 7), & it wasn't as hot.

my dad & i made a better time this year, (last year 1hr 59min, this time 1hr 44min)! which is crazy bc i def didn't train as well as i should've... afterward my dad agreed he'd do it again next year (as it's the 25th anniversary). i'm not a huuuuuge fan of running but there's something about finishing a race (whether it's 5k or 10 miles) that's great!! think i'm going to run a half marathon (13.1mi) next year. i'd be really proud of myself & i know i can do it's just a matter of me taking training much more seriously...

anywho, after such a race best thing to do is go home & rest. thankfully smoe wasn't working so he came to meet us afterward & took us back (yea for not having to ride metro sweaty)... later we went back to my folk's hotel to hang out w/ them... quickly turned into us watching hbo for hours. apparently they watch a show called true blood, then there were a series of sketch comedy shows that come on after entourage
(just noticed smoe's hand was behind me, looks scary)

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